Conquer Your Monsters #WIPs

Hi, SEers! You're with Mae today. Remember when you were a kid, afraid of monsters? They exist in writing, too. Bet you didn't expect that, but take it from me—your resident cryptid, monster lover—not all strange creatures are bad. Let's remember that Mary Shelly's creation—Frankenstein's monster—was actually a sensitive, articulate soul. He started out as … Continue reading Conquer Your Monsters #WIPs

Fishing for Plots #Plotting #StoryEmpire #WIPs

Hi, SEers! It's Mae Day on Story Empire, and I'm here to talk plotting—and fishing.  Early in our marriage, my husband introduced me to flounder fishing. That attachment eventually evolved into crabbing, clamming, and a long stretch of boat ownership, but in the beginning, it was all about catching the coveted flounder. I quickly learned … Continue reading Fishing for Plots #Plotting #StoryEmpire #WIPs

The Unrepentant Character

Hello, SeERs! You're with Mae today for a discussion on the unrepentant character. The difficult one. The problem child. The-how-the-heck-did-he/she-turn-out-that-way individual. We’ve all encountered them. It’s that individual you’ve already pre-determined is going to act a certain way, but who ends up doing the opposite. I like creating flawed characters, and that blurs the line. My heroes aren’t … Continue reading The Unrepentant Character