BufferApp for Social Sharing

In light of all the natural disasters we are enduring in the US, history might not be forefront in everyone's minds. Please know that all of us here at Story Empire hold in our hearts all those suffering from the recent fires and hurricanes, and we have not forgotten all those precious lives lost during … Continue reading BufferApp for Social Sharing


Scrivener Backups and Snapshots Strategies Pt. 2

Hello to all the SE readers! Last time I posted, the topic was about Scrivener and backups. Today, I’m visiting a similar subject with Snapshots. Story Empire’s very own Staci Troilo left a comment on the previous post (thanks, Staci) indicating her method of backup as well as her thoughts about snapshots: So with that … Continue reading Scrivener Backups and Snapshots Strategies Pt. 2