Keeping it Legal

Hello SErs, Harmony here! Well, it's September already, and I cannot believe where the time has gone. Speaking of time, it has great relevance for our writing, or more specifically, what we might want to use therein. The timing of a work with copyright determines whether our use of it remains within legal limits. Two … Continue reading Keeping it Legal


Scrivener Backups and Snapshots Strategies Pt. 2

Hello to all the SE readers! Last time I posted, the topic was about Scrivener and backups. Today, I’m visiting a similar subject with Snapshots. Story Empire’s very own Staci Troilo left a comment on the previous post (thanks, Staci) indicating her method of backup as well as her thoughts about snapshots: So with that … Continue reading Scrivener Backups and Snapshots Strategies Pt. 2