Sandra Cox PBG Hunt



Welcome to my part of the scavenger hunt. I’m offering the following prizes to three lucky winners:

First Prize $15 Amazon Card
Second Prize $10 Amazon Card
Third Prize eBook

Entering is as easy as testing your vampire-hunting knowledge.

Answer the questions below and submit the form. Everyone who submits all correct answers will be entered into a random drawing for the prizes.

Have fun!

You stand in the doorway and smell the exotic scents of the island, the heavy perfumed aroma of fruits and flowers and…garlic. A full moon floats across the sky. A dog howls in the distance causing nerves to skitter up your spine like bony fingers.

Then the moon disappears and thunder cracks. A bat shrieks and a vampire materializes in the mist. What do you do?

Congratulations!  If you answered your questions correctly, you have passed the test and are a vampire hunter in-training, and…you are entered in the drawing.