Joan Hall

Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Legends, Folklore

Joan HallGenres:
Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Thrillers

Quirky fact I don’t want anyone to know:
My favorite color changes depending upon my mood. Sometimes it’s red, other times green, but most of the time I prefer blue.

Bio: I’ve always enjoyed a good story. Some of my earliest memories are the times when I listened to my mother tell a story about her or her family. Those that involved mystery or suspense fascinated me most. I would think about the “what ifs” and was intrigued by inexplicable happenings.

I became an avid reader and this developed into a desire to write. At the age of ten, I began to scribble short stories. I dabbled in poetry in my early teens, and at age seventeen, I wrote a short YA novel by hand but set aside my desire to write for too many years.

I’m not superstitious. I’ll walk under ladders and purposely cross a black cat’s path (in fact, several black cats have found their way to our home). However, I am interested in the folklore and legends behind the superstition.

When I’m not at my computer, I like to take nature walks, observe the night skies, and explore old cemeteries. I also love ghost walks and learning about local folklore. I live in Texas with my husband and cats. You can learn more about me by visiting me at my website.

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Works by Joan Hall:

Menagerie (A collection of short stories)

Cold Dark Night (Legends of Madeira Book One)

House of Sorrow (A Legends of Madeira Short Story)

Unclear Purposes (Driscoll Lake Book Three)

Unknown Reasons (Driscoll Lake Book Two)

Unseen Motives (Driscoll Lake Book One)

Quantum Wanderlust (anthology)  

Macabre Sanctuary (anthology)  

Bright Lights and Candle Glow (anthology)

The Stranger (novella)

Unshod (anthology)

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