Caught in the crosshairs of ruthless killers an ex-soldier and a psychic race to stay alive.

Caught in a triangle of souls with a ghost and a white rune as the connecting factors.

Country superstar, Cole Knight is haunted by his past. Tormented by grief and guilt, he returns to his boyhood home in the Cumberland Mountains seeking answers and perhaps redemption.

It’s 1971. Texas rowdy, raucous honky-tonks are musician, Luke Stone’s stomping grounds. Darlina Flowers simply wants to fit in, but at what cost?

Rebel Texas musician, Luke Stone, loses everything that he treasures with the arrest and conviction for a crime he didn’t commit. Broken and alone, Darlina Flowers struggles to go on living without the man she loves so completely. Follow their journey through shackles and chains, drugs and gurus as they fight to find their way to freedom.

Released from federal prison after fifteen long years, Luke Stone boards a Greyhound bus bound for Texas, for home and the woman who holds his heart. He happily hangs up his neon dreams for a paintbrush and hammer. Darlina Flowers has waited her entire adult life to become Mrs. Luke Stone, but will the hardships of starting over with nothing be too much? Their love is tested to the core as the story unfolds.

Luke Stone has cheated death more times than he cares to remember. With a second music career opportunity, he knows he won’t fill the Texas dancehalls and honky-tonks as he did in his younger days, but is determined to give it his all. Darlina, his rock, and anchor, longs to see his dreams fulfilled and vows to do everything possible to help him find success. But, will time allow Luke to sing his last song?

When all of life is stripped away, left with no freedom except in his mind, Rick Sikes journeys deep inside to discover his true self. They confined his body in an iron cage, but could not lock away his mind. What you’ll find between the covers of this book are expressions of raw emotion…Poems of deep sadness and loss, humorous musings, political wisdom, life observations, and tender love from both Rick and Jan Sikes as well as pen-and-ink drawings from a true artisan.

A Texas drifter and a grieving widow find hope, new beginnings, and a place to call home in the unforgiving Brazos wind.

How far will one brother go to protect another? Quentin Marks had to decide the answer to that question.

Fantasy meets reality when a young man is forced to choose his punishment for crimes committed.

Do you believe in the magic and power of Voodoo? Claire Winters didn’t until…

Born into poverty, Jewel saw no way out, but her mother did. She made her dying wish for her daughters come true.

At fourteen, Jennifer carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, caring for her younger sister. Their mother has abandoned them. Yet, Jennifer is willing to go to any lengths to make sure they stay together.

Two eclectic short stories and a poem! This book won the grand prize in a short story contest.

A timeless story of love that refuses to accept boundaries.