Craig Boyack

C. S. BoyackCraig came to fiction writing later in life than most authors. He always had to write, to one degree or another as part of various jobs. Early one winter morning, he conquered the Internet and didn’t feel like shoveling the sidewalk until the sun came up. He tried a few pages of fiction and got hooked.

Craig doesn’t like limitations and calls himself a writer of speculative fiction. It’s a broad field, but he limits himself to science fiction, paranormal, and a bit of fantasy.

He has eight published works—six novels and two collections of short stories.

You can find him at the following locations:

Amazon Author Page | His blog: Entertaining Stories
Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Works by C. S. Boyack

Macabre Sanctuary

The Playground
Will O’ the Wisp

The Enhanced League

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