How to Improve & Assess Your Site Traffic

Your website is a major marketing tool. Want more website traffic? Here are 3 steps to update your site and gain more traffic along with assessing the results. I'm veering off the Scrivener path for this post and sliding over to a topic that concerns most of us authors. Many of us just seem to … Continue reading How to Improve & Assess Your Site Traffic


Understanding Tribes on Triberr #MondayBlogs

Hello, SEers! Mae here with today’s #MondayBlog topic. Many of you may already be familiar with the social media platform, Triberr, but I’m finding quite a few online friends who aren’t. Now, before you roll your eyes and start moaning about something else to learn, Triberr takes very little babysitting, and when used properly, allows … Continue reading Understanding Tribes on Triberr #MondayBlogs