Plan for NaNoWriMo Success with Scrivener

Every November is the month when NaNoWriMo hosts its month-long writing event where authors attempt to write an entire first draft of a book over 30 days. NaNoWriMo stand for National Novel Writing Month and anyone can join. NaNoWriMo teams with Scrivener to encourage the effort and you can begin preparation with some learning and … Continue reading Plan for NaNoWriMo Success with Scrivener

Simultaneous Action #writing #editing

Hello, SEers! Mae here, sending out a “thank you” for visiting with me today. I’m in WIP mode right now and concentrating on writing. I’ve gotten so much better about catching “unlikely simultaneous action” with my characters, but every now and then something slips through. Thankfully, if I don’t catch the goof during editing, I … Continue reading Simultaneous Action #writing #editing