Curated Content for Writers—Sept 15

Friday Eve has passed and THE day is officially here. Yep, we're talking Friday! During the week, the SE crew of authors was busy roaming the blogosphere to round up a number of posts we hope you find helpful. Before you gallivant off to check them out, be sure to give a look-see to Staci … Continue reading Curated Content for Writers—Sept 15


The Importance of Alt Text, Image Titles, and Image Descriptions

Hello, SEers! It’s great to have you drop by and hang out for a while. Because I’m a visual person, I want to chat about images today—all those lovely pictures we share on our blogs. This isn’t about copyright, making sure your images are royalty free, or obtained through a stock site. That’s another post … Continue reading The Importance of Alt Text, Image Titles, and Image Descriptions

Understanding Tribes on Triberr #MondayBlogs

Hello, SEers! Mae here with today’s #MondayBlog topic. Many of you may already be familiar with the social media platform, Triberr, but I’m finding quite a few online friends who aren’t. Now, before you roll your eyes and start moaning about something else to learn, Triberr takes very little babysitting, and when used properly, allows … Continue reading Understanding Tribes on Triberr #MondayBlogs