Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about supporting our fellow writers.

Have you ever wished people would be more supportive of your writing? Or wonder how to help other writers? I know I have.

An author’s body of work can vary, including novels, short stories, nonfiction, poetry, articles, or blogs. One thing they all have in common is they are all looking for readers. Does that make it a competition? No. Each audience is unique. A writer offers personal insight and life experience on any given subject. The wonderful writing community is where we can all exist successfully. I am always cheering for every achievement of my fellow writers.

What are the best ways to offer our support?

  • Read! There are many genres out there, and it’s impossible to read all of them. So read the ones you enjoy.
  • If you enjoyed the book you’ve read—write a review. Didn’t like or have an issue with the story and feel the author would benefit from knowing, tell them. Perhaps your input isn’t welcomed, move on to the next book. I won’t write reviews on books I can’t get past the first few chapters.
  • Post those reviews anywhere you can. Here are a few places: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookbub, and your blog.
  • Share your recommendation across social media, which can include: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Linkin. I’ve decided to read books from excellent reviews. They are important.
  • Let people know on social media what you are reading. I do that on Goodreads.
  • Visit and comment on other blogs.
  • Do you have a paperback copy of a book you read and liked? How about taking a picture and sharing it on Instagram or Facebook?
  • Follow your fellow authors on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Bookbub, Pinterest, Instagram, or Ticktock. Don’t unfollow them after they follow you just so you have more followers. That isn’t very supportive at all.
  • Share their books and links on social media.
  • Do you love another author’s book? How about buying a paperback and giving it as a gift?
  • Do author interviews on your blog or podcast if you have one.
  • Let the author know you liked their book!
  • Is there a local author doing a book signing? Stop by and say hi to them.
  • Does an author friend have a newsletter? You could subscribe to it.
  • Someone you know have a book up for an award that needs votes? Vote.
  • An author buddy just announced a new release? Can you host a blog post for them or post a review of their book? Help them get the word out.
  • Sometimes, we all need a bit of moral support. Does a writer you know need some encouragement? A place to vent or someone to understand the mountains writers climb to produce a final product?
  • Share your knowledge. We all have different needs, but information and understanding can go a long way, especially for new writers.
  • Offer to beta read.
  • Buying a book when it first comes out or a preorder it is a tremendous boost. If you can do that, it’s always appreciated.
  • Word of mouth. Not everything has to be done on social media. Tell people in person about the great book you’ve just read.
  • Most important thing to remember is we aren’t here to compete with each other. We all need a helping hand in our writing journey; sometimes, we become that helping hand.

Your help will ripple out in the tributary of writing. That single act of kindness flows into the community of authors where it can grow and flourish.

How about you? How do you help your fellow author and pay it forward?


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  2. Great read! I support writers by hosting a podcast where I give short reviews about books I am enjoying in my quiet time. The link to the podcast is on my blog page. Please do check out my blog when you have time. I am following you as well.

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  4. These are good suggestions. I think that many authors, me included, are too self-absorbed. Too much in “our own heads” to pay enough attention to the things you mention. I freely admit I am one of them but you make exceptionally good points and so I am promising myself that I will do more to help where I can.

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  5. These are wonderful suggestions, Denise. I love supporting my fellow writer friends and so appreciate their support as well. A few books are lined up in my home office waiting to be read as soon as I finish my current book. For a variety of reasons though, some people just won’t write reviews. I didn’t at first, but once I began, I found a rhythm and really enjoyed helping other authors. Thanks for sharing. 💞

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    • Thank you, Lauren 🙂 We are so lucky to have do much support within our community. I try to give back too where I can. I never wrote book reviews until I started publishing books and realized how important they were to authors. Now, its become a routine for me.

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  6. I love that these suggestions vary from doing something as simple as visiting and commenting on an author’s blog to buying and sharing their books. Book reviews are definitely one of my favorite ways to go. 🙂

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