Celebrate the Day of Awesomeness

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Hi SEers. John with you on this TGIF Fri-Yay. This is the second time in a row I had planned to do more on humor but found something a little better. Do you know what day this is? This is the Day of Awesomeness. That’s right, March 10 is a day to recognize and celebrate awesomeness wherever you find it.

For those of us who still work at home, awesomeness might be found on that beautiful couch that calls our name at about two o’clock. Or maybe it’s that special cup of coffee that can only come from the most awesome beans and machine. It could even be the super quiet that descends upon your workplace after all those annoying co-habitues depart for the day.

For those of us who work at an employer’s location, awesomeness may be found in catching the elevator and finding it empty. Or maybe the last person actually made a new pot of coffee, and it is fresh and hot and waiting for you. How about the boss approving your request for one work-at-home day a week and will leave the choice of the day up to you?

Those of us who don’t work awesomeness might be found enjoying an extra cup of coffee while finishing a blueberry scone. Maybe it’s going to the store and being the first person in the checkout line. Could also be going to the library and finding that number one best seller is available to check out.

For we writer’s awesomeness can be found in a finely turned sentence. Or maybe in that plot twist just created. Or how about seeing your latest book for sale on Amazon.

For each of us, awesomeness can be a very personal thing. I don’t think I would be accused of being a fool if I said sometimes awesomeness has nothing to do with earth-shattering moments but can be found in very simple circumstances.

My day of awesomeness is being spent being grateful to be a part of the Story Empire group of writers.  When checking out each who belongs, you will find that they not only know how to tell a compelling story well but also are willing to help other writers with their knowledge and experience. So on this Day of Awesomeness, I will boldly say I think these guys are awesome.

How about you. How are you spending your Day of Awesomeness? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

63 thoughts on “Celebrate the Day of Awesomeness

  1. I have to agree about being a part of such an awesome group, John 🙂 I like the idea of embracing life’s awesomeness. Being safe and warm are at the very top pf my list too!

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  4. What an uplifting post, John! I think every day should be a day of awesomeness! I’m proud to be a member of this eclectic group of writers who are always so willing to help others. I think that’s pretty darned awesome!

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  5. I concur that those guys are awesome. I’ve learned such a lot from them.
    I am just about to go and play my piano. Awesomeness will be if I can get through just one piece without making a mistake.😊

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  6. I have never heard of this day. Thanks, John. The more I think about it, as long as no one is arguing around here and the weather remains comfortable – most every day is Awesome!

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  7. What a great capture of the Day of Awesomeness! Thank you, John, for the reminders of the little things of life that evoke gratitude or wonder or pleasure. As I sip my first cup of brew, I can’t help but smile and salute you. Awesomeness may surprise us in the mundane but always awakens our sleepy hearts. 😊

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