Why Do You Write?

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. Happy first day of February. Today’s post is a bit different, but one all writers can relate to.

For me, and many writers, we must write. There’s a driving force within that compels us to put words on paper.

Why do you write?

I asked my Story Empire colleagues and this is what they had to say:

“For me, it’s more compelling than breathing. I can’t not write.”

Harmony Kent

“I want to continue to tell stories that I love telling.”

John Howell

“I write to quell my busy mind. Getting the stories out there makes room for more.”

C. S. Boyack

“When I want to say something poignant about who and why we are, I come up with a story that sneaks it in while (I hope) it draws attention and entertains.”

Stephen Geez

“I write because I feel it is my duty to do something with the stories that come to me in inspirations… and it’s fun!”

Jan Sikes

“If I don’t write, the stories and characters in my head wither and die without ever taking a breath.”

Beem Weeks

“I write what stirs in my heart and hope that the simple words that congregate on the pages of my books somehow make a difference.”

Gwen Plano

“Because I like puzzles, and what greater puzzle than a human story in a fantastical world.”

D. Wallace Peach

“I write because I have no choice. The stories come in my sleep, in the shower, or when I least expect. There’s a lot of satisfaction seeing the ideas come to life in words.”’

D. L. Finn

“Because I suffer withdrawal when I don’t. I’ve been creating stories since I was six and can’t imagine life without continuing to do so.”

Mae Clair

Staci Troilo’s biography states she writes because she has hundreds of stories in her head. She publishes because people told her she should share them. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be making up stories long after I’m unable to sit at the computer.”

Staci Troilo

Answering this question was harder than I thought. Yes, I’m compelled to write, but I had to think back to the moment I realized I wanted to become an author.

I write because I want to take readers on journeys to places they’ve never been.

Joan Hall

Now it’s your turn, SE Readers. Why do you write?

99 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?

  1. It’s cathartic for me. People say we have a mad family and in some ways that’s not a bad thing. But in reality being unique is a privilege and we should all share our individuality with each other as it brings colour to all our lives. Connectivity with Love.

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  2. I do not hold the higher ideals of some here, I write simply because I enjoy doing so. I have never considered myself a writer (even though I have made a living from writing for almost forty years) I am no Voltaire, Eowyn Ivey or Sir Walter Scott. I am a simple storyteller that a few hundred years ago would have plied my trade around campfires for a morsel of food and a few small coins. I enjoy a story.

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    • You have covered the basic concept of what it takes to be a writer. The sheer enjoyment of it. I’m not any of those other authors either. We all are unique. And I love stories told round the campfire. Thanks, Ray.

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  3. Love seeing other people’s reasons for writing. For me, the stories just keep coming, they are like sparks exploding. I need to write them, to get them out so they don’t drive me crazy.

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  4. My reasons don’t feel as poetic as those in your post!I write because I like to make things up. There’s something thrilling about creating characters out of thin air and molding them to the point where they feel so real. My second is around editing. I love the technical aspect of the writing and being able to repeatedly rewrite and tweak sentences and words and the satisfaction that comes with nailing that final result when it sounds perfect to the ear 😉

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  5. Hi Joan, why do I write? I sometimes ask myself that. I write because its a fabulous challenge and I can indulge myself I write the ideas, poems and stories that interest me. I also enjoy creating the artwork to go with the stories. I like my artwork to have some sort of purpose.

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  6. I started writing as a way to explore my creativity. Then, I wrote to mend a broken teenage heart. As I grew older, I wrote to silence the ruminating thoughts; writing about my characters’ voices was so much easier that listening to my own. And then, I fell in love with my characters and their stories. Now, I write for the pure enjoyment of creating. Whether its stories or poetry doesn’t matter. Great post, Joan!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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    • Ah, your comment brings back memories. I used to try my hand at poetry when I was a teenager. A lot of them was pining over a former boyfriend. But today I love character driven fiction. My characters more or less dictate the way my stories go.

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  7. Great topic! Like Mae, I’ve been writing since I was six and it gives me pleasure. I also love Beem’s comment about giving life to the characters in my head. Sometimes I write because I’m so angry about something (care homes, government corruption, social media hatred, for example) and just putting it down on paper is a way of releasing that rage. Having even one person write and say that they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written is the proverbial cherry on the cake. ❤

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  8. A super post, Joan, and one that gives some great insight into the way each of the Story Empire authors approaches writing. I loved every comment!

    For myself, I write because I love playing with words. Words are always tumbling through my brain, and I started putting them on paper when I was five. I’ve never stopped, and would continue to write whether I continued publishing or not.

    Words! Thousands and thousands of sounds that each have meaning. Amazing things, aren’t they?

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  9. This is lovely Joan. Such a simple yet introspective topic !
    As for me, I write because for me the words are cathartic. I believe in the power of thoughts to get a positive point across a grey stretch of emotions that might belong to anyone anywhere. Most of the times my writings are in my mind but slowly slowly they appear as posts 🙂

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  10. Between you, you’ve said most of it. 🙂
    1. I made up stories before I learned how to write them down.
    2. It’s more compelling than breathing; a day without writing is a wasted day.
    3. People pick up on subliminal messages and accept truths they’d resist if lectured.

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  12. I very much agree with this:

    “If I don’t write, the stories and characters in my head wither and die without ever taking a breath.”

    Beem Weeks

    Also, I want to write stories that create an emotional response in my readers—-to make them see, feel, and care for the characters I create.

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    • I believe writers should first be readers. My love for stories began at an early age as did my love for reading. It’s a wonderful feeling to transition from just being a reader into a writer. Thanks, Audrey.

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