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Hello, SEers! Mae, here. We are now officially into the second week of 2022 and ecstatic with the glow of the New Year. But the calendar change isn’t the only thing that has us elated. If you’ve followed Story Empire for any length of time, you know that whenever we mention BIG NEWS it usually means a new member has joined our ranks.

Well, you’re right. Partially. We have TWO new members joining the Empire. How’s that for starting off the year with a bang?

Author, D. Wallace Peach

D. Wallace Peach is known for her exquisite fantasy novels which she layers with intricate plots, intriguing characters, and superb world-building. I’ve been a fan of Diana’s work for years, particularly her lyrical prose and striking imagery. We’re positively thrilled she’s chosen to join us, and we eagerly look forward to seeing her unique voice unfold on the Empire.

author, Beem Weeks

Beem Weeks is a wonderfully talented author with an authentic voice for storytelling in both long and short form. Many of his tales use coming-of-age themes, deftly layered with echoes of Americana. I can easily disappear into his work, mesmerized by both the grit and beauty he uses to spin yarns. Beem is also a blog talk radio host, and a video/audio producer, bringing him multiple perspectives. We are positively delighted to welcome him aboard.

We hope you are as excited as we are by the continued growth of Story Empire and will make our new members feel welcome—especially with their inaugural posts. Look for Beem’s first post tomorrow, and Diana’s on Monday, January 17. Good stuff, guaranteed!

Finally, we couldn’t continue to grow without the support of our readers. We so appreciate your visits, thoughts, and comments. As always, our goal is to bring you helpful information in the field of writing, publishing, marketing, and associated topics. We look forward to an awesome 2022 and hope you’ll join us for the journey.

Welcome, Diana and Beem!

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127 thoughts on “Big News from Story Empire!

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  2. I want to say thank you to the wonderful members of the Story Empire family for the warm welcome. Being invited to join really is a high honor. I am looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. I am excited to be part of this group.

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  3. What a great way to start the new year to learn that Diana and Beem have joined the Story Empire!! I’ve known you both for years and appreciate your talents. I look very much forward to your posts and contributions to SE and the writing community. 💖😊

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  4. Wow, what great news, Mae! I’m so excited to see Diana here, as she’s one of my very favorite writers. You are spot on about her amazing fantasy books, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to Story Empire. I’m also excited to get to know Beem Weeks better through his posts here. I’ve seen his name many times, but somehow, haven’t (yet) read his work. That’s definitely going to change! I know they will both love being part of Story Empire, and I can’t wait to read their contributions.

    Congratulations to Story Empire for expanding your team and to Diana and Beem for becoming part of your family. 2022 is looking better and better!

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    • Thanks so much, Marcia. We are all very excited about how SE is growing, and about Diana and Beem joining us. They’re both wonderfully talented. We so appreciate everyone dropping by to give them a big welcome! 🙂

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    • Aww. Thanks for the kind welcome and all the lovely support, Marcia. I know that you were a member of the team for a while and have remained a supporter and fan. I’m thrilled to be on board and can’t wait to “talk writing.” We never get tired of it, do we? Have a marvelous evening, my friend. Hugs.

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      • Nope, we never get tired of it. After all, there are as many things to learn and share about writing as there are writers! I very much enjoyed my time here with the group, and really hated to leave. I just flat ran out of energy for doing everything I needed to do. Too many irons in the fire, as they say. But I really like sharing all the posts generated here, and can’t wait to see what you and Beem bring to the table! I know you’ll love being part of it all! 😀 ❤

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  5. What a lovely intro, Mae. I can’t adequately express how delighted and honored I am to be part of the Story Empire team of talented writers. This is going to be an exciting year of blogging, networking, learning, and writing, of course. And many congrats to Beem as well for hopping on board with me. Happy Writing!

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  6. Congratulations, Diana and Beem! I look forward to getting to know each of you better through Story Empire and your books. The New Year is all the happier with you onboard and I couldn’t be more excited. ✨🎉✨

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