Happy New Year!

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Hi SErs! Harmony here 🙂 Today, all of us from Story Empire would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for the new year to come.

Because it’s the holiday period, we’ve closed comments for today. Have a drink and some snacks, and have fun! 🙂

Highlights of this Past Year:

  • New Story Empire Members in 2021:
  • D L Finn!
  • Jan Sikes!

  • Books released by the Story Empire bloggers:
  • From Joan … House of Sorrow | Cold Dark Night (From the Legends of Madeira series)
  • From Craig … Lunar Boogie (The Hat, book 4) | Wreck of the Lanternfish (Lanternfish Series Book 3)
  • From D L … Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories
  • From Harmony … The Vanished Boy
  • From Mae … Things Old and Forgotten
  • From Staci … No Such Luck!
  • From Jan … Mountain Laurel Christmas

  • Some Topics Covered on the SE blog:
  • Basic Plots series by Staci
  • Co Authorship post series by John and Gwen
  • How To Publish via KDP by Harmony
  • Expansion Packs by Craig
  • Issues of Sensitivity in writing and publishing by John
  • Writing and Health by D L
  • Writing Tools by Joan
  • Personality Types in authors and how that affects writing styles by Gwen
  • The importance of Alt Text by Mae
  • Using WP Reader’s Lists by Mae
  • The Writing Gene by Jan
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by John
  • Red Herrings by Staci
  • Case study by Craig
  • How to Make 3D book mock ups by Harmony
  • Writing and Social Media by D L
  • Developing your Character by Staci
  • WIPs by Mae
  • How to Write POV by Harmony
  • Character Types by Joan
  • Revisions by Joan
  • Foreshadowing by Mae
  • The Pros and Cons of writing groups/clubs/organisations by Jan
  • The Three Act Story Structure by Craig
  • Writing About Life After Death by Gwen
  • Writing and Fun by D L

And lots, lots more! Type in any of our names in the search bar, and that author’s posts will list. You can also search by topic.

That’s it from us for today. We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. And we’ll see you again in the New Year! 🙂

Happy New Year from all of us at Story Empire. Lights. Champagne bottle with the cork popping. Christmas Tree.
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