How to make 3D #bookcovers for #FREE

Hi SErs! Harmony here πŸ™‚ Today, I’d like to take a look at how to make mock-up 3D book covers for free.

I used to use photoshop and scripts for all of this, but the program is both expensive and laborious to learn. Here, I show you a much quicker, easier, and–best of all–free way to acheive the same thing for your book promo needs.

Even better yet, this method avoids the need to subscribe and give out your email address to all and sundry, thus reducing the amount of spam mail you end up exposed to.

DIY Book Covers is the best way to do this online that I have found so far. You can find them here:

You can make a 3D image in three easy steps:

  1. Choose your 3D mock-up template
  2. Choose your cover image
  3. Download your free mock-up

On their image page, you will see that you have two options: Single or Composite. See below …

3D single book cover images from DIY Book Covers
Single 3D Image from DIY Book Covers
3D composite book cover images from DIY Book Covers
3D composite book cover images from DIY Book Covers

For this tutorial, I have chosen a composite image. Click on ‘next’.

Choosing your book cover to upload to DIY Book Covers
Choosing your book cover to upload to DIY Book Covers

Click on ‘next’ once your cover has uploaded. You will now have the choice of either jpeg or png. The png will give you a transparent background, and the jpeg will give you a solid background. I have chosen png for this example. If you choose png, you can use the transparent background to make book banners, flyers, and etc. Canva would be a great resource for that.

When the download dialogue box opens, choose your destination folder and hit ‘download’. I have chosen to save to my computer desktop for now.

Download Dialogue Box for saving your image
Download Dialogue Box for saving your image

Below, I show you the quick, easy, and free 3D composite image of my latest book The Vanished Boy. It’s as easy as that, and no email trail either!

How awesome is that??!! … Ahem, sorry. I got a teensy bit excited there! 😁

That’s it from me for today. I hope you’ve found this post useful. I’ll see you again on July 14th

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67 thoughts on “How to make 3D #bookcovers for #FREE

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  2. OH, boy, do I ever love having a new option for graphics, Harmony! I have been a member of BookBrush for quite a while, and enjoy the variety of things I can do there, along with their excellent library of backgrounds, BUT, DIY looks very quick and easy for covers and the like, and would probably be a nice time saver for me, too. (It never hurts to have multiple weapons in our arsenals, right?) I will definitely be giving it a go. Thanks so much for sharing the link, the instructions, and your great outcomes! Passing this along for sure! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely! I am quite comfy with some of the larger graphics programs including an older version of PaintShopPro I used when I did digital paintings. But why use something that big for a quick and simple 3D cover image? LOVE knowing about this one! πŸ™‚ At my age, time is more important than ever, and shortcuts are GOLD! πŸ™‚ ❀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve used them before and totally agree with how easy it is. The 3D books are great for banners and promotional graphics. I remember the old days of trying to make them from scratch in Word. Lol. Thanks for sharing, Harmony. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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