Writing Motivation Ideas for Using or for Laughing

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Hi SEers, it’s John with you again. As you know from some of my past posts, I’m always trying to think of ways to suggest staying motivated as a writer. It’s not that I believe writers aren’t motivated, but sometimes our attention gets drawn to other things, and we have to get back on track. So, again today, I’m going to give a few ideas on how to get that motivation moving if it becomes stalled. I will admit some of these ideas are really “out there somewhere,” but if you just roll with it, maybe it can help. By the way, these ideas are for those times that the motivation isn’t part of a deep-seated problem but for when you just dread sitting down to write. Mostly they are played for laughs but hey, maybe if you need it, one would work.  Okay, here we go.

Idea 1. Take a shower. Yup, that’s right. There is a physical exchange of ions when the water flows over the body, and it is a natural vehicle to generate random thoughts. These thoughts could turn into story plot points. These plot points are all your need to be motivated to put them down. On the other side, If you don’t get any random thoughts, then at least you are clean and warm.

Idea 2. Go to the grocery store. Another weird one, right? Well, it is a known fact that if you change your location, certain thoughts that were more or less restricted to the home are now broadened to include an array of different sights and sounds. You should return refreshed and motivated to continue writing. If not, then maybe you picked up a few things for dinner.

Idea 3. Write a short story longhand. You know what a pen and paper are, right? Grab one of each and take a few moments to write out a story in cursive. Maybe even before you finish your story, you’ll be back at the keyboard happy as hell you don’t have to write out everything longhand. That is probably all the motivation you will need for a while.

Idea 4. Take your laptop or phone outside. If the weather is cold and miserable, all the better.  Touch those cold hard keys and think how much more comfortable it is inside. Think of how difficult it is to try and write while your teeth are chattering. Maybe you’ll last ten minutes, but once you go inside, your motivation to write in the warmth will probably take over. If not, at least you are warm again

Idea 5. Turn on some daytime television if you are at home during the day. The whole idea of having to sit and watch the programming will naturally turn your thoughts to writing again. If you are not at home during the day and have to work, but do your writing at night, turn your TV on to one of the bad reality show reruns. You won’t be able to resist returning to your keyboard. Don’t forget and leave that stuff on either.

Idea 6. Go to the library and stand outside because they probably won’t let you in. COVID fears have most libraries on a curb delivery basis. No matter, you are not there to read. You are there to listen to all those books reminding you of the orphan you have left unattended at home. You know doubt will pay attention to the noise and get back to writing. If not, it was a nice drive.

Idea 7 Take a mini vacation. Move from your office to an exotic location like Cabo San Living room. Once there, savor the sounds and sights. In no time, you will be refreshed and ready to begin writing again. If not, at least it was good to get away.

Idea 8 Change your outfit. Exchange those eight-day jammies for real clothes. You know, things you can wear to the 7-11. Once done, you will feel as if you have accomplished something, and now it is time to write. If you don’t feel that way, at least you look better.

Idea 9 Make a big pot of soup. It can be any kind of soup but needs to have several ingredients in it to satisfy your natural tendency to be bored. Once done, you can serve up a big bowl and contemplate the ingredients. Your attitude should be improved, allowing you to go write. If not, at least you are not hungry.

Idea 10 Change the oil in the car. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never done it before. The idea is to do something challenging with the potential of getting really dirty. Once you have laid under a car watching oil drip from the crankcase, you’ll be revitalized to get back to that clean keyboard. If not, at least you save money on an oil change.

Well, now that I probably have you wondering about my sanity when you think of these ideas, they all have one comment element. That element is the idea of taking your mind off your temporary desire to avoid writing. Once done, then the writing returns.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Tell me in the comments section if you have ever used a trick to get yourself motivated to sit down and write. I hope you have a super weekend.

96 thoughts on “Writing Motivation Ideas for Using or for Laughing

  1. Unique is certainly the first word that comes to my mind. I do agree with you, the simple things we do have an immense power in changing the line of thought. For me it is about going for a walk or run sometimes. Some other times music helps to gather myself and channel my emotions better

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  3. Are you sure, going into a grocery store is a good idea, John? 😉 I having a profession in procrastination, and all beside taking a shower is like vacancy on the moon. Lol Thank you for the great laughter. Be well, stay save, and enjoy the week! Michael

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  5. I like the idea of turning on a reality tv show to write. While entertaining at times, some of those shows make me feel like I’m losing brain cells- I’ll have to write just to keep my brain active again.

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  6. everyday places are places we need to visit for a bit of creativity in our lives if we hit a writers block and decide we don’t know what to write about. We tend to get our best ideas in places we are unfamiliar to us. Feel free to check out my blog if you’re interested, have a great day !

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  8. Haha! I like some of these unique ideas. What works best for me (this isn’t exactly earth-shattering) is to do something physical. I used to love to start my day by going to the gym. I seem to do some of my best thinking when I’m on the elliptical or taking a walk. I like the idea of taking a shower about eight times a day just to get a rise out of my wife.🤣 “What are you doing in there again?”

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  9. All of these are great ideas, John. Sometimes we need a reboot to get back on track and any one of these methods would work. Going for a walk always works for me, even a short ten-minute walk. Thank you for sharing!

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  10. This was so much fun, John! Thanks for the chuckles. Just the creativity behind this post has me wanting to sit down and tackle the keyboard.

    I often use numbers 1, 3, and 6. I don’t write short stories out longhand but I do write an occasional scene long hand, and the library is always an inspiring place to write. And like most writers, I do my best thinking in the shower! 🙂

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  11. Great ideas, John. Fun, and most would probably work, too! I have to laugh at writing longhand, though. I haven’t been able to read my cursive writing in years! I do still print beautifully, but it’s very, very slow! 🙄 I’ll be passing this along, though it might not be until tomorrow, so it doesn’t get lost in the #FirstLineFriday thing. 😀 I’m running late on my shares this week, but I will get to them. BTW, putting aside writing to laugh at something–anything!–always jump starts me. Usually the antics of the cats even helps. 😄

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  12. Someone around here is suggesting #11 – Take your dog for a walk. Just like writing outside, if it’s cold, all the better. Changing the scene does get thoughts flowing. This is a pretty good list, John, but I’m staying out from under the car.

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  13. Laughing at these, John, particularly #3. During our “Snowmaggedon” when my laptop’s battery was completely drained, I wrote a scene longhand. You bet I was glad to be able to use my keyboard again!

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  14. These are great ideas, John. Well, except the oil change…what the heck! 🙂 I often resort to #3 and #4. One of my favorites is to work my jigsaw puzzle and dictate into my phone. Something about searching for those connections always gets my story ideas going.

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  15. I had a few giggles at some of these. Changing the oil in the car? Haha! No chance. I’m not that unmotivated.
    And as someone earlier said, it’s time that’s the big problem. Too many things to do.

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  16. Coming up with ideas in the shower really does work. My problem is by the time I get out and dry off I’ve forgotten most of it:) A change of scenery is always a good idea. Your ideas brought a smile to my face, and I can see them working in a fun way. I really enjoyed your post, John!

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