Drum Roll, Please

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here. Since it’s Tuesday and not one of our normal posting days, you can probably guess we have something special to say. Not only that, the post title tells you we have a  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Today we’re celebrating because Story Empire is growing again. We are flying high and over the moon excited to introduce you to our newest member…

<Insert drum roll here>

Please welcome Gwen Plano to the Story Empire team! Gwen is a talented author and we are so pleased that she accepted the invitation to join. Her first post is tomorrow and I know she is going to add a new dimension to our team.

Please join us in welcoming her aboard!

Ciao, SEers! Staci here, adding my extreme joy to the announcement of our newest addition. Gwen has so much to add to our collective body of experience, and I know you’ll be as happy as we are that she agreed to join us.

Bitmoji Image

Welcome, Gwen!

colorful hot air balloons in flightHello, SEers. Mae here.  I’m soaring on a bubbly high to have Gwen Plano join Story Empire!

Gwen is a wonderful author, a truly lovely person, and an ideal fit for our little group here. We are so excited to have her, and hope you’ll roll out the red carpet, starting with her first post tomorrow.  In Gwen’s honor, virtual hot air balloons have taken flight and spontaneous Snoopy Dancing has commenced. Welcome, Gwen!

Hi, gang. Craig here. please help me in welcoming award-winning author Gwen Plano to Story Empire. I know she’s going to bring a lot to the table and I’m excited to learn new things, too.

Make sure you show up and support her debut post tomorrow so she knows you love her. We’ve already been chatting behind the scenes and you guys are in for a treat.


Hi, Gwen! Marcia, here. Welcome to the Story Empire gang! I’m so happy you decided to join us, and I can’t wait to get to know you better. I hope you truly enjoy being part of the group!


Lifting a cup of Earl Grey in your honor, and these days, that constitutes a major celebration for me! Here’s to lots of fun and great posts for a long, long time to come!


Hi Gwen, John here. I’m so glad to see you here with these wonderful authors of the Story Empire. As you know I joined the group in May and have enjoyed the experience immensely. I think you will find very supportive and knowledgeable people to assist you with any of your projects. I have enjoyed working with you through the years and look forward to this association as well.

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I see Marcia has lifted a cup of tea. I’m going to raise my glass and wish you the best.




Hi everyone, Harmony here! I’m super excited to welcome Gwen to the SE team today! I’m so chuffed, I’m doing my happy spidy dance 🙂

I’ve know Gwen for a lot of years and am sure she’s going to bring such a lot to our team.

I’m with Marcia and John in raising a glass and wishing you all the best, Gwen 🙂



Thanks for stopping by today for our announcement and celebration for the addition of Gwen Plano. Please take a moment to welcome Gwen in the comments. Gwen has her first post on SE tomorrow, so make sure to stop by and leave a comment then as well.

51 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please

  1. I’m positively giddy that Gwen is now an official member of Story Empire. It’s so wonderful to have her join our group. I’ve admired her and her work for a number of years, and I look forward to her posts on SE. Welcome, Gwen!!

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  2. Thank you, Story Empire team, for your warm welcome. I’m blushing as I sip my morning coffee. To be part of a group of writers who have inspired and taught me over the years is a profound honor. I extend my drum roll and applause for each of you … and all the writers who are part of the SE writing community. 😊

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