37 thoughts on “A Deeper Look at Reader Guides

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    P. H. Solomon offers some great ideas in today’s post at Story Empire, “A Deeper Look at Reader Guides.” I’ve made no secret of my love of Authors Notes as a way to communicate interesting and informative things to readers, but Paul expands on that and gives concrete examples of ways to use meta-data that you may already have put together during your writing process. And more! Check out this super helpful post, and please consider passing it along to others, as well. Thanks so much, and thanks to Paul for showing us more ways to connect with our readers! 🙂

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  3. These are ideas I totally agree with, Paul, and most are approaches I hadn’t yet thought of. Thanks so much for sharing the various ways we authors can do this. I don’t take extensive notes while writing, but I do know my characters forwards and backwards, and I also do research on certain aspects (such as legal issues or medical issues) so that I won’t get things wrong. I can see some very creative ways to use that information and/or the actual characters and plot lines in what you describe above.

    I have done (and will resume doing as soon as it’s safer for people to attend) programs of various types at several local venues. Sometimes they are wildlife related, with a book signing afterward, but now and then they relate to writing or to specific books of mine. I can definitely come up with some new and interesting subjects for audience discussion and the like, using what you’ve mentioned above. And I need to get my newsletter going again. I love the thought of including interviews with some of my characters in that, for instance.

    Thanks so much for such a helpful post, Paul. I’m eager to wrap up my current novella trilogy and see how I can use some of these ideas in the print set, as well as at future events. Great job!

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  4. I’ve never tried including notes or information at the end of any of my books. It’s something to think about. What I wish I’d have done is written down the name of every character I introduced in them, just so that I don’t reuse the same name for someone else accidentally. It’s surprising how many minor characters end up in each novel.

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  5. These ideas are terrific, P.H. I was at a book festival and watched an author have a quiz interaction with those passing by. She was very successful in generating interest in her books by engaging her audience in obscure choices. She was a fantasy author but I think the kinds of reader guide suggestions you have made can fit almost any genre. Well done.

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