Psst! Have you Heard?

Hi, SEers! It’s a Tuesday, a non-normal post day for us, so you know what that means—time for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! <insert drum rolls, fanfare, and parades>

We don’t roll these types of posts out that often, but when we do, we have news we want the world to know.

Today, we’re doing cartwheels—well, virtual cartwheels for most of us, but it goes without saying we’re giddy.

Why? Story Empire is adding another new member. Huzzah!

Funny Bengal cat in a pink collar waves his pawPlease welcome John Howell, who will be sharing his first post tomorrow. John is an excellent author, an all-around terrific guy, and a fabulous supporter of others. A real class act.

We couldn’t be happier that he accepted our invitation to join us at the Empire.

High five to John! We look forward to his posts and hope you’ll make him feel welcome.

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here to help roll out the red carpet for our newest member. I’m thrilled to have John on board. He has been a big supporter of Story Empire over the years, and I look forward to his first post tomorrow.

And by the way, he and I have something in common other than writing. Curious? Here’s a not so subtle hint.

Welcome aboard, my fellow Texan!

Hi, SErs! Harmony here doing her happy dance while the drums roll, and the fanfare  and parade continue. Oh, and look … even the Thunderbirds are doing a flyby over Texas …

Image courtesy of Pixabay


As you’ve no doubt guessed, I’m so buzzed to have John joining our team. I look forward to his first post with us tomorrow 🙂

Ciao, amici! Staci here, wanting to take a second to throw my two cents into the mix.

I couldn’t be more excited to have John join us. And Joan’s not the only one with a connection to our newest addition. When John and I first “met” (online), we talked about his link to Pittsburgh. I adored him ever since. And not because of his Yinzer ties (well, not only because of that), but because he’s a talented storyteller, a supportive writer, and a genuinely wonderful person. Welcome, John!

Hi gang, Craig here. John and I have been author friends, and blog buddies for a long Lisa Burtontime. He weaves a good yarn, and I think we’re lucky to have him on board. We’ve read each other’s books, and offered behind the scenes assistance to each other over the years.

One of the things that matters to me is how supportive John is. He’s always there to support my new releases and other authors when needed. I’m sure he’ll participate in the comments and answer any questions you might have. I’m really looking forward to his post tomorrow.

Make him feel welcome. He’s going to be good for Story Empire.

Hi, Folks! It’s Marcia here, excited and happy as can be to have John coming aboard. I’m not doing any cartwheels, but that’s out of respect for all of you. (At my age, it is NOT a pretty sight.) But I am delighted, I promise!  See?

John has always seemed to me to be a very supportive and generous blogger, and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better as he joins us each month. (Plus, I even get to turn over my position as new kid on the block! 😀 ) I know you are going to enjoy John’s contributions as much as I will, so this is a big win for all of us!


Hi everyone and welcome to John!

As you may have noticed, John is someone with whom everyone at SE is well acquainted. Since I met John a few years back, I’ve found him to very supportive and thoughtful. He is truly a welcome addition and I’m looking forward to his contributions as we grow once again.

John, it is, indeed, a day of celebration here at Story Empire!

Thanks for stopping by today for the announcement and our celebration with the addition of John Howell. Please take a moment to welcome John in the comments. Look for his first post tomorrow, so make sure to stop by and leave a comment then as well.



116 thoughts on “Psst! Have you Heard?

  1. Sorry I’m late to the party, but I’ve been here in spirit the whole time. I’m popping the virtually bubbly at having you join us, John. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!
    We are so excited to have you become a member of the empire 🙂

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    Alert the Media! Story Empire has added a new member to the family! To find out just who’s joining us, check out our Welcome Post today. I think many of you will discover this gentleman is already a friend, and will be delighted to see him join our team. And as always, please consider passing along the post so others can share in the good news, as well. Thanks so much!!

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  3. Lovely to see all the happiness surrounding John’s entry to Story Empire. I love John’s posts and he is a wonderful support to his fellow bloggers and authors. Go John… ❤

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