24 thoughts on “Dual-Use of Meta Content Pt 6: The Marketing Plan

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    Check out Story Empire’s post of the day: P. H. Solomon is back with more on Dual Uses of Meta Content. Today, he’s focused on using it to help you market your finished book, and I’m definitely taking notes on this one. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Part 6 of this series, and will want to share it far and wide, so others can learn some new tricks, too. Thanks, and thanks to P. H. for such an informative and helpful post! 🙂

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  2. I think most authors dread the marketing part of what we do, but it’s a necessary evil. I also think with each book publication we’re able to gauge better what works and what doesn’t work, or doesn’t work as well. It’s always good to have a marketing plan in place prior to launch. My publisher always submitted a plan to me. Now, as an indie author, I need to work on developing my own!

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    • I need to work on those details myself. I have definite ideas on my approach. I think making that schematic now helps me develop the book and marketing content together. I just need time to put into the overall project.

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  3. Am saving all these posts on Meta Content, P. H., in order to study them in more detail, especially this section on using the gathered materials for marketing. Like everyone else, I think most marketing is a pain in the patoot. I say most, because I do a lot of local events and have built a nice following in this area, and I dearly LOVE doing them. Talking to readers face to face is the very best part of marketing, because it’s just, plain fun! The rest? Not so much.

    I know I have to get better at other aspects of the game, though, and this series has given me a lot to work with. Thanks!!

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      • I can see that, but one method is a lot more fun for me than the other. I get to talk to people about Florida wildlife, chat before and after the program about my books, and then sign said books for folks. And we laugh throughout most of the event. A LOT. But I’ll try to apply those principles to the other marketing chores. (And if my husband wants to know what I’m guffawing at in here, I’ll give him your contact info! 😀 😀 😀 )

        Seriously, you’ve discussed some valuable things and I do plan to refer to your posts going ahead. Thanks.

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