25 thoughts on “Dual-Use of Meta-Content Part 5: World Building

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  2. A great post, Paul. I have not written a series and have found, to date, that the minute my book is finished so are the characters and everything to do with them in my head. I find it hard to go back to them at all once my publisher takes it over from me. I may change as I continue to write and these tips are most helpful.

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    Part 5 of P. H. Solomon’s very interesting and useful series on “Dual Use of Meta-Content” is ready for your perusal. This is another goldmine of ideas, some of which I intend to implement with my current WIP. Check it out and see what you think, and I hope you’ll remember to pass it along, too, so others can take advantage of these tips. Thanks, and thanks to P. H. for such a cool post! 🙂

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  4. Another very useful post on creative ways to use our meta-data, P. H. I like getting inside a character’s head as a way to promote a book, and setting that up as you go could be very useful, not only afterward, but even as the book is underway. Thanks for all of these ideas! For a new writer like myself, they are invaluable. Sharing! 🙂

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  5. This reminds me a little of some of the spin-off books for the HP series from J K Rowling… like her extra books on the various magical creatures, etc. A great idea to create a guide book about the worlds you create, along with magical explanations. Thanks, PH 🙂

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  6. Although my WIP is not set in a fantasy world, I think I could do a lot with the fictional town I developed, including it’s history, the people who founded it, etc.,
    It’s fun to think about elements that are “below the surface” so to speak. I think a lot of smaller elements could be expanded as meta content, while bringing a greater awareness to us as writers of things we may only mention in passing.

    Hopefully, that makes sense, LOL!

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  7. More great information, P.H.! In my latest story, Jonah, I dabbled with fantasy and magic. I had one reviewer say that she was getting the spiritual aspect of the story but then the magic killed that. Hmmmm. Who knows? Anyway, I love your suggestions for using our writing and world-building as fodder for meta-data. Thank you for sharing!

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