14 thoughts on “Dual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 4: Newsletters

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  3. I am ashamed to say that I’ve also let my newsletter languish. My excuse is valid: there are NOT enough hours in the day for what I’m trying to accomplish. However, I suspect that’s because I’m lousy at time management, something I’m going to change, along with several other things. This includes breathing new life into my newsletter, and your series has given me some good ideas for how I might do that. Thanks so much for putting Meta Content in my mind, P. H. I’d never even heard the term before, but now I see how important it can be and how I might use it to help sell books. Excellent addition to an excellent series, thanks! 🙂

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  4. I’ve tried to do a bit of backstory on some of my recent tour stops. It isn’t like copy and paste, but as blog posts, I usually write them as needed. Probably not the same thing, but it is an expansion on what people might get from the book.

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