A Special Announcement from Story Empire

Hello, SEers.  Mae here, leading off a splashy announcement. If you’ve followed Story Empire for any length of time, you know we don’t  post on Tuesdays. But we have something so exciting to share we simply couldn’t wait for our regular schedule.

Our blog has been growing—thanks to all of our wonderful readers—and as a result, we’re pleased (read:  jazzed-Snoopy-dance-crazy-happy) to announce the addition of a new SE member/blogger.

Please roll out the red carpet for Marcia Meara!

Dog with silly expression poking head in from side of scree, big grin floppy ears, conveying excitmenent

Marcia is a talented writer, a phenomenal supporter of others, and a dedicated blogger. She’s been blessed with a wonderful sense of humor that routinely shows up in her posts, a zest for life, and a passionate devotion to the craft of writing. I am so pleased to call her a friend, and now an SE colleague. Please join us in welcoming her to Story Empire. Her first post goes live tomorrow, so please be sure to check back and cheer her on!

Hi everyone, Harmony here.

Yep, like Mae said [wink, wink] … and you definitely don’t want a photo of me doing my super-happy dance! So, instead, I’ll settle for showing my joy at our newest member by offering Marcia a great big, huge, superfragilistic alidocious welcome …

It’s super exciting to have her join the Story Empire Team! Welcome, welcome, welcome 🙂

Bitmoji ImageCiao! Staci here. I know I’ve been mostly MIA lately, but this was one announcement I knew I had to resurface for. There are some people who, when you first meet them (even if you only “meet” online), you just know they’re going to make a huge difference in your life. Marcia is one of those people, and I’m thrilled to call her a friend. She’s a talented author, a generous supporter, but most importantly, a fabulous person. I couldn’t be happier to have her join the SE family.

Hi, gang. Craig here. We work pretty hard to bring valuable content to Story Empire. When we got the opportunity to add a quality author like Marcia to the group, we jumped at the chance. I know Marcia will bring you some great content and become one of your favorites. Now don’t forget to come back tomorrow and check out her first post here.

Hey everyone! Joan here. I’m so excited to welcome Marcia to our group. I became acquainted with her through Mae and Staci and I’m so glad I did. She and I have a lot in common – we both love wildlife and nature (although she is MUCH more knowledgeable than I am). She’s also a cat lover, so that’s a big plus in my book!

I’m looking forward to reading her posts and I know she’s going to be a huge asset to Story Empire.

PH here with a big welcome for Marcia into Story Empire. She’s proven herself to be an excellent writer and we’re pleased she’s accepted the invitation to join our little group. It’s a wonderful leap forward for us and we’re excited to read what she has in store for the blog and ready to offer a hand whenever she needs it. Speaking of which, Marcia has been super friendly and helpful with everyone in our conversations already. I’m happy to have you on-board, Marcia.

Look for Marcia’s posts to begin tomorrow. She already has a nice list of topics to cover this year and we’re looking forward to her contributions to Story Empire in the coming months. This ends our special announcement and we resume normal programming…


68 thoughts on “A Special Announcement from Story Empire

  1. Aw, I adore Marcia. Fantastic addition to the talented writers here. I don’t know if I’m allowed to welcome her as I’m not actually, you know, on the team but I guess I’ll welcome her as a reader of SE. 🤷‍
    Welcome, Marcia! ❤

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    • My opinion is that ANYONE who says they”ADORE” me is allowed to welcome me any time, any place! Thank you so much for such a kind comment, Sarah, and the feeling is mutual. You are one funny lady, and for me, that earns you BIG points! Thank you so much for stopping by today, and taking the time to make me feel super good. And I do hope you’ll check out my first SE post, too. (I’m sure you won’t want to miss it, because, you know … adoring me, and all! 😀 😀 😀 ) ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • I agree, but I’d also say “there’s just something about cats and living!” 😀 I don’t think I could stand to be without them. Going all the way back to my earliest childhood memories, there were always cats. And with any luck at all, there always will be. 😀

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    • Well, you are in luck, Teri! I can honestly say that in all my LONG life, I have never lived in a home without cats. Once in a while we’ve had dogs, as well, but not having a couple of cats in the house would make me very unhappy, indeed!! We currently have four of our own and are cat-sitting my daughter’s two, until we can get them to her in Denver, so cat hair has officially become a fashion accessory these days. 😀

      Thanks so much for welcoming me to Story Empire. I’m truly happy to be part of this terrific blog! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    EXCITING NEWS ALERT! Please take a moment to check out today’s post on Story Empire. I’m not going to give away the surprise, but let it be known far and wide that I am doing the Snoopy Dance of Great Joy this morning. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the announcement, and will help me spread the news far and wide! I’d like to let the Immediate World know, so having you guys share would make my morning even better than it’s already starting out to be. THANKS from the bottom of my heart, and another THANK YOU to the Story Empire family! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Wow, what an amazing welcome! Thank you Mae, Harmony, Staci, Craig, Joan, and Paul for all the kind comments and accolades! I’m hardly ever left speechless, as most of you probably know by now, but if anything were going to hit me that way, a welcome like this would do it. Since speechlessness is not a plus for a blogger, I’ll try to get over it as quickly as possible. Like, now! 😀

    I’m so excited about becoming part of your SE family, and very much looking forward to the weeks ahead as I settle into a new routine. I promise to do my best to bring my passion for writing, reading, learning, and maybe most of all, laughing to every one of my posts. It’s not always easy being the new kid on the block, but you guys have already made me feel like part of the family, and I will always treasure that!

    A little mountain boy I know with the gift of the Sight reckons this will be one of the “funnest things” I’ve ever done, and I trust Rabbit completely. 2020 is going to be a GREAT year! Thanks again!

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      • Thanks, Craig. I’m super happy to be part of Story Empire, for sure, and will do my best to “bring a lot to the table.” Low-carb, sugar-free only, you understand, but hopefully, still nutritious and tasty. (And I think that’s about all the mileage I can get out of that one! 😀 )

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    • Since Rabbit almost always reckons things right, I have to agree with him!
      I am so excited the cat is out of the bag (see how I worked that cat reference in there, LOL), and the news is official.
      It’s a fabulous day at Story Empire. So glad to have you join us, Marcia!!! 🙂

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      • Thank you so much, Mae. The feeling is mutual, my friend! And yep, Rabbit is hardly ever wrong. It’s amazing how being able to see what’s coming down the road helps a kid be right so often! 😀 I’m truly happy to be here! ❤

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