20 thoughts on “Dual Use of Meta-content Part 3: Reader Guides

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  4. Like Staci, I’m a Story Bible person, but I normally develop that content prior to the start of writing. I like the idea of developing more of it during the draft process. I’m currently putting posts together for a short blog tour on an upcoming release, and finding there is a fair amount of content I can generate from the characters and world I’ve created—-despite the release being a one hour read!

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  5. As someone who doesn’t use extensive notes while writing a book, I haven’t been generating a lot of meta-content. I normally just have a list of characters (very short) and a What-If sheet. While I could adapt some of that to use in the various ways you’ve mentioned, I don’t think it would go too far. However, I can see that more extensive notes could be very helpful for blog posts, tours, and the other places you mention. So, my take-away is, I probably should start taking more notes, even if I don’t always need them for the actual writing of the book. They certainly would make quick and easy references for these other uses. (The light is beginning to dawn! 😀 )

    Thanks for another informative and helpful post, P.H. I learn something new about this process every day! 🙂

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