Spotlighting 2019 in Review

P.H. here today with the final post of 2019. It’s been a quick year with lots of ups and downs but Story Empire completed its fourth year (the first was a partial) and we look forward to a fifth year. Here are a few highlights from the year:

  • The site crossed 500 posts on Christmas Day.
  • For the second year in a row, the Story Empire achieved growth of over 30% in number of visits to the site.
  • We ran a very fun promo blog tour during October.
  • Expanded our blogging to Friday (more on this in a moment)
  • Subscribers and followers increased by over 30% for the second year on a row which is a tribute to all the kind sharing from our readers.

It’s been a fantastic year at Story Empire and we are pleased everyone chose to visit and comment so much this year. We are excited to jump into 2020 running with only a slight change to the Friday schedule where we plan to open up our scheduling rotation to three regular blog posts a week instead of two with a rotation on Friday. This means you’ll be reading a post from each of us about every two weeks except where our time requires we cover for each other.

Thanks for being along for the ride this year. Please keep sharing the posts along with your thoughts and comments. Here’s to the upcoming year and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

P. H. Solomon


17 thoughts on “Spotlighting 2019 in Review

  1. A huge thanks to all of our wonderful readers who have contributed to Story Empire’s growth! It’s been such a pleasure to see this blog grow and to have the support of loyal readers. Here’s to delivering fresh content in 2020 and continuing our goal to help writers everywhere.
    Happy New Year, everyone!

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