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Hello, SE friends! Welcome to the first Mae Day of December. As we transition into a new month and approach the end of the year, I thought it an ideal time to talk about “betwixt moments.” Think of them as transitional periods—those fleeting moments when time hangs suspended before hurtling into change. I’ve always been fascinated by these periods and often find they usher in creative gales. Not sure what I mean? These are some of my favorites betwixt moments.

The first tentative rays of dawn
The transition between seasons
The arrival of a storm front
The sliver of time between 11:59 and midnight
New Year’s Eve at midnight
The awe-inspiring cusp of a century. Remember how you felt on New Year’s Eve 1999?

In a few short weeks we’ll be transitioning to 2020.That isn’t just the cusp of a night/day, or even a year, but a decade. Think about it. Goose bumps!

As far back as childhood, I’ve viewed betwixt moments with a sense of wonder.

Cat backlit by full setting sun is sitting beside tree

For the most part, I’m a disciplined writer. Over the years I’ve trained myself to sit down and begin story-crafting with minimal effort. Let a transitional element wash over me, and the need for discipline vanishes. Creativity unfurls in its rawest form and my muse spins ideas like shooting stars. I feel connected, acutely aware of the ephemeral passage of time. Creatively awake.

Perhaps that’s why transitional periods resonate so strongly. They transport me back to those days when technique had little to do with writing. When it was all about snagging the tail of a comet and hitching a ride…to a brooding mansion, a magical forest, an underwater labyrinth, a forgotten graveyard. To this day I feel that familiar rush at twilight or when the weather turns warm and windy, the sky a black bowl of storm clouds. The thought of New Year’s Eve is sheer magic, and the sound of a clock striking midnight every bit as enchanting as a fairy spell.

December is a busy month filled with the hustle-bustle of holiday prep and making merry. Devoting time for writing often comes at a premium, a precious commodity we often can’t afford. This December grab a betwixt moment and commune with your muse, even if only briefly. And remember—when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, magic has happened!

And now it’s your turn. What are the moments that inspire your creativity to blaze out of the ordinary? Are you a fan of betwixt moments? Do they influence your creativity. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Ready, set, go!

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35 thoughts on “Writing Betwixt #inspiration #creativity

  1. I have a story teller friend who this post made me think of. No matter when he’s telling his stories to his audience, he invites us to join him, “In the time between times,” and then reminds us how that time around twilight is a magical time when the veil between our world and the world of the fairies is thinnest, and so it’s a perfect time to tell stories. I haven’t been able to go to one of his performances in a few years, because he lives in Wales, and I no longer do, but I loved the atmosphere of his shows, as well as the stories themselves, and this post made me think of him, like I said.

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  2. I too love those betwixt moments. In fact, I love the word, betwixt. 🙂 One of those moments for me that literally takes my breath away is when a big full moon starts rising. I recently got to experience that magic with my two little granddaughters and they enjoyed it as much as I did. It is definitely a time to tap into any creativity that may be roaming about! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  3. A truly beautiful post, Mae, your words swept me away!
    Me betwixt moments come with the feeling of joy at a baby’s laughter. The pride I have for my daughter’s achievements. The touch of my husband’s hand on my back as he guides my path. The quiet contentment of watching a program across the table from my mom while we sip our tea. All are precious.
    Happy holidays ❤

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  4. I can’t say I have experienced this, Mae. For my last three books I got an idea for a story which grew and evolved as I wrote more. I do get quite gripped by the story and find it a bit hard to keep having to stop and do all the many other things I do like working a full day, but I have managed to keep the momentum going.

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  5. I think my commutes are like that. It’s the moment between my home life and my work life. I really need Lorelei to ride along right now. I have some decisions to make in Lanternfish and it would be nice if they included some plants for future events. My next writing day is Wednesday, so my fingers are crossed.

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  6. I love the word betwixt! Wish we used it more often. I too find transitional moments intriguing. Going into a new decade is certainly a milestone. I always liken late December to a “late in the day” moment. That cusp of time before a new morning (new year) comes. I certainly need to commune with the muse this month!

    Great post!

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    • Joan, I love the idea of December as a “late in the day” moment! And I’m with you on the word “betwixt”. There are so many old words that have fallen out of use but resonate with an near-lyrical quality.

      I need to commune with the muse this month too, but I have a feeling it may actually be January before I start transferring the results to paper!

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  7. Great post, Mae! I absolutely love the picture of the cat and the moon. ❤ I haven’t found much inspiration (or time) lately to write. A friend of mine recently suggested that part of my lack of inspiration might be because I’ve been successfully treating my anxiety. Most of my writing was done when I was highly anxious. Guess it’s time for me to find a healthier muse. Lol! 😉

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    • Hmm. That’s interesting, Yvette. I’m glad to hear you are having success with treating your anxiety, and I’m sure you will find your way back to writing in time. Maybe it’s just that you’ve been focused elsewhere and making progress has kept your focus there. Eventually, I’m sure, the creative spark will reawaken. And then–as you said–it will be a healthy muse 🙂

      I’m glad you like the pic of the cat and the moon. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and thought it was perfect for this post!

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    • Strange news stories are a favorite of mine, Harmony! Several sparked ideas for my Hode’s Hill and Point Pleasant series.
      I fell in love with that graphic of the cat and moon the moment I saw it. I think it smoothly captures a betwixt moment, too 🙂

      Many thanks for the reblog and sharing the post!

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