Bonus Friday: Typos

Hey, SE Readers, Joan here to start this post off. It’s the fifth Friday, and you know what that means. Time for another group post. We’ve been talking about doing this one for a while—a little humor we hope will brighten your day. Here’s how it all started:

Several years ago, Staci and I were part of a small online writers group. At that time, most of the members were either unpublished or in the beginning stages of publication. One day, a writer was proofreading her manuscript and came across the following:

“She became aware of the otters around her.” Another place she found something along the line of, “Left with her furnace.”

Obviously, these are typos. Otters should have been others, and furnace was supposed to be fiancé. Needless to say, we all got a good laugh. We began calling our little group, “The Otters.”

Funny typos happen, so we SE authors decided to share a few of our own.

Since I started this post, I’ll share first. These are some I’ve made from over the years.

“You butt.”

I intended to say, “You bet.” Autocorrect gets me in trouble every time. And yes, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

If he drank, he’d drown his sorrows in a few bottles of bear or something stronger.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve never drunk bear.

In the dream, she was a house.

Okay, maybe I’m a little dyslexic. She SAW a house.

Hi everyone. Harmony here. I don’t know what it says about my brain, but many of my typos end up rude or related to the body or bodily functions, lol. Here are some I’ve spotted recently (thank goodness!) …

I advise that the ISS Restoration set a course to avoid collision and then follows the new co-ordinates toward C3. Once the warp drive facility is available, I advise a light-shit to these co-ordinates, which will put the ship into optimal position to make the next entry window on C3.

OMG, I don’t think bathroom functions have EVER had the slightest effect on our course … as you’ve guessed, light-shit should read ‘light-shift’! 😂

Whore you

Um, maybe that should be ‘Who are you’

And, finally, one that still has me giggling away …

She blew out a relieved breast.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe I’ve ever blown out a relieved breast! … Breath, more like! 🙂

Ciao, SEers. Staci here. I always blame fat thumbs for my texting typos, but sadly, I have no excuse for the errors in my fiction. Well, technically, I still have fat thumbs when I’m typing, but they’re pretty much only on the space bar on my laptop, so I don’t think that excuse will fly for the following goofs:

He was on his way to sturdy the vault and its contents.

We’re not talking about a tumbling vault and a superhero to catch it. (Although that could make for a compelling action scene.) Sturdy should, of course, have been study.

Harmony will appreciate this one:

Nadia shoved another grape into her mount.

Ew. That poor horse! No. Obviously, mount should have been mouth.

And finally, we have this gem:

I know how big miners are.

Size does matter, you know. But in this case, she wasn’t lusting after miners. Or any other burly men in blue-collar jobs. It was a simple case of autocorrect “helping” and turning mine into miners.

I’ve spelled things so wrong, spellcheck didn’t even have any suggestions to help me. Those situations are both frustrating and funny, but at least they didn’t slip through the cracks like the examples I just shared. Thank God my critique partners and editor had better eyes than I did!

Hi, SEers. Mae here. It’s amazing how easy it is to make mistakes and typos when your fingers are flying, and your brain is already on the next sentence, paragraph, or scene. The first of my goofs comes from Eventide, my upcoming release. The others are flubs that spilled from my keyboard while in the writing zone.

She felt suddenly foolish and struggled to recover her poise. “What are you doing here? Do you know you’re on private property?”

“Sorry.” His grin morphed into something slightly apologetic. “I parked a mile or two down the road to shoot the creep.”

You might be scratching your head and thinking “huh?”
No, this isn’t a cop on a stake-out. The guy replying to my heroine in the above snippet is a photographer who has stopped to shoot photos of a creekPity the poor creep who gets in his way.

This one is pretty basic but makes me chuckle:

He double-checked the oven, but still couldn’t make sense of it.

Must be some high-tech oven. Especially, since it was supposed to be an offer he was checking.

And, finally, in closing:

Connie headed to her room to gather the stiff she’d left on her bed.

Maybe that one will work in an upcoming murder-mystery, but it should have been stuff she left on her bed. It’s amazing how a single key stroke can change the whole meaning of a sentence!

I’m traveling out of state as you read this for a long weekend getaway, and will be unable to reply in the comments, but hope you’re getting a few chuckles from everyone’s goofs. I’ve found them all highly entertaining!

Hi gang, Craig here. I make all kinds of typos, but I never keep track of them. Let’s just say the delete button wears out faster than all the rest. When the idea came up for this post, I started jotting them down. It never occurred to me to clip the section so there was a bit of context. I wish now I had.

I’m writing a cyberpunk novel called Grinders. At one point, autocorrect decided to replace Grinders with “Groiners.” I think that’s a different kind of novel which I do not write.

I really wish I’d kept the context for this one. At one point I was happily typing away and intended to write the word “sharing.” What wound up in my sentence was “shating.” Unfortunately, I was not as prepared as the ladies were for this post.

To make up for it, here is picture of Frankie. She likes to distract me when I’m writing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of our embarrassing typos.  I  can’t go before sharing this one that happened in our Story Empire chat room. We have Mae to thank for this one.

Woo Goo!

So now, when we high-five one another, we say Woo Goo rather than Woo Hoo.

Care to share some of your typos? We’d love to hear them.

25 thoughts on “Bonus Friday: Typos

  1. Thanks for the chuckles.

    I’ve done several things like that, including one time in a story I have yet to publish, when I went to say, “talking clock,” and it somehow got changed to something a little less polite, which would make my story no longer suitable as a children’s story. I think you can probably guess what. Yeah, I’m glad I noticed that one quickly. 😉

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