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Hey SE Readers. Joan with you today. The second Friday in each month is normally a day for a Book Share, but I decided to take a different route.

Recently, I began wheedling down my TBR list. I say that tongue-in-cheek because it seems that for every book I read, I add at least two more to my Kindle.

As you know, authors depend on reviews. And while we know the high-and-mighty Amazon is “the place” to go, they discriminate as to which which reviews they allow. If they believe someone is biased for any reason, they’ll reject it.

I have a friend who works with a publishing company. Amazon rejects every review she posts. They also turn down several reviews by one of our Story Empire authors. It doesn’t matter if she has a verified purchase.

Not only that, they deleted almost half of the posted reviews on one of her books for no apparent reason.

I have yet (fingers crossed) to have Amazon reject one of my reviews, but I’m pretty sure they’ve deleted some reviews of my books.

So, what is a reader/author to do? Goodreads is one alternative, but I’ve heard stories of authors being burned by trolls if they engage in groups. However, I still list my books there and post reviews for the ones I’ve read.

We can also leave reviews on B&N, but who goes to that site?

There is an alternative. BookBub. I signed up as a reader years ago to receive recommendations. After I published my first book, I created an author profile and began listing each new publication.

However, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I began leaving reviews on their site. You can choose to leave a review only or to review and recommend. When you recommend something, BookBub sends an email notification to all your followers. It’s a nice way of spreading the word to others.

If you’re an author and haven’t signed up for a BookBub author page, I highly recommend you doing so. Simply go to and fill in the requested information. Once approved, let your readers know you have a BookBub profile so they can follow you.

Then, list your books. Each time you have a new release, BookBub notifies your followers via email.

Finally, consider leaving reviews for other authors there. I don’t think we’ll ever overcome the conglomerate known as Amazon, but we can certainly do our part to assist our fellow writers.

28 thoughts on “Book Bub Reviews

  1. It’s great to have alternatives. Often, Amazon decides I can’t post a review because I am a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and they consider that as biased. That’s funny since the premise the club was founded on was honest reviews. 🙂 Anyway, it’s great to know about BookBub. I need to make sure I am connected with you on that site. Thanks, Joan!

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    • That’s insane, Jan. Seems like they punish the Indie authors. I wonder if Amazon would reject one and two-star reviews for anyone? To accept them and not 3-5 stars makes them biased!

      I think I follow you on Book Bub. Yes, let’s connect there!

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  2. I post my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon US. I have not had any reviews rejected as yet and most of them are verified purchases. I review a large variety of books including a lot of classics and traditionally published books. I am sporadic of BookBub. I must try and remember to post there too, it just hasn’t been my habit to do so.

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  3. I’ve had Amazon pull reviews on my books with no reason I could figure out. I only had one issue so far with my reviews, fingers crossed. Its a shame they target hard working indie authors. I agree Goodreads is useful but you do get random bad ratings from nonreaders. I started leaving reviews on Barnes & Noble but felt lonely over there…lol. I have starting leaving reviews on Bookbub and want to catch up and add more. Good post, Joan.

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  4. I have had over twenty reviews removed from My GRL. It started to happen when the number reached 100. Also, I have had my reviews written for others not accepted even though I bought the book. The only consistent thing I have come up with is when I post a review on Goodreads at the same time as Amazon I get bounced by Amazon. It may be just a coincidence but since I stopped posting reviews on Goodreads the Amazon reviews have held.

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  5. My latest several releases have been targeted by Amazon for some reason, and I keep losing reviews. I haven’t had one I’ve written for another author be rejected yet (thank the powers that be) but it’s probably only a matter of time.

    I love BookBub, and I love reviewing there. Like you, I still post my reviews on GR, but I don’t engage on that site otherwise. I always think of BB as the more professional version of GR. There’s not negativity and the interaction is welcome. I’ve even had NYTBSAs like reviews I’ve left on their books. I agree that authors need a presence there. Even if you never run an ad, there is so much to be gained from the site, and I love receiving recommendations of books!

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    • I can’t figure Amazon’s reasoning. Yes, I’m sure there are authors who attempt to get reviews through (I hate to say dishonest) means but if I’ve purchased a book I should be able to review it. More reviews are beneficial not only to the author but Amazon makes money too.

      I recently started leaving reviews on Book Bub and I love the ability to recommend books to others.


  6. I’ve been planning to do this, Joan, and you’ve just reminded me to bump it to the TOP of my ToDo list. I knew (in general) about author pages, and it looks like I may have even created one some time ago. I swear, I don’t remember doing so, but it’s there. So now to put all my books up and start leaving reviews there, as well. I didn’t know about them alerting your followers when you have new releases. That’s a really super idea, and yet another good reason to have an author page there. Thanks for the info and for reminding me to get this done! 🙂

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      • For some reason, mine is sitting there with only one of my nine books listed. DOH. I really don’t know how or why, but I plan to fix it in the next day or so. Got a talk to do tomorrow, IF the predicted storms don’t hit us here, so it will have to happen Monday, I think. But BookBub just moved to the very top of my list, and it’s in RED text, so I won’t accidentally overlook it. Thanks again for a great reminder. 🙂

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