The Future for Story Empire

Hi, gang, Craig here to start this off. One of the fun things about a group blog is the camaraderie established by working with friends. We have a place to chat that’s free from others, and Sunday nights can get pretty crazy in there. This is a talented bunch, and I’m honored to be working with them.

One of the other advantages is mutual promotion. We haven’t done this for a couple of years, but we all have titles that match up with the Halloween season, and we’re taking our show on the road once more. Watch for us to show up on each other’s sites during our tour.

For myself, I’m going to be pushing a book I haven’t published yet. I’m still doing a few advance teasers, but this is part of my “year of sequels.” This one is a second book for Lizzie and The Hat. At least that’s how it started out. It became a sequel for a whole bunch of pre-existing characters, and you may find several of your favorites in there.

This isn’t a promo post, per se, so I’m not going to include a cover or link of any kind. This is our attempt to explain the machinations of putting something like this together. Watch for the tour in October, and I’ll be hosting everyone at least once over at Entertaining Stories.

Hi everyone, Harmony here. Like Craig just said, it’s such an honour and pleasure to get to work with this talented team of Story Empire Authors. And I feel like I’ve made some great friends along the way. Most importantly, we couldn’t have achieved all that we have without you, our SE readers and supporters. So, thank you.

I’m planning on pushing five of my books on our upcoming tour. One of which, you won’t have seen me promoting yet. It’s on pre-order, and it will go live on October 9th. This one’s another non-fiction and is a companion volume to Polish Your Prose, only from the creative side rather than the technical. It fits in with our ‘Something Wicked Tour’ because it includes what I call ‘Strangeness Tools’. As this isn’t a promo post, I’ll say no more just yet. I’ll just leave you with this teaser, lol.

During our October tour, which I’m so looking forward to, I’ll be hosting everyone at least once over at Harmony Kent Online. It would be fantastic if you could join us. And we’d love to hear about any plans or stuff that you have in the works 🙂

alien invasionCiao! Staci here. I know this is starting to sound like the Oscars, but I really do have to thank everyone I work with. You (our dear readers) have gotten to know us via this site and maybe our personal sites, too. But I have the privilege of really knowing these fine men and women, and I have to tell you, they’re all top-notch—as colleagues, as writers, and as friends.

We don’t do these tours often because they’re hard to coordinate and take a lot of time to prepare. And, let’s face it, readers don’t want constant advertisements. That’s why this site is primarily about how we can help you navigate the choppy industry waters. But since we talk about ways writers can promote their work, we should probably walk the walk and give you a practical example once in a while.

I’m behind my colleagues; I haven’t even decided what I’m going to post about yet. (This is another reality of walking the promotional walk—you have to make a decision.) I know I’ll be talking about alien abductions, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Won’t you all be surprised when you see how I take that simple idea and make a go of a promo tour?

You can find those posts as I bounce from site to site. I hope you follow along. And I really hope you visit my site so you can see what my SE friends choose to share with me and my readers.

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here. I agree with my colleagues, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of Story Empire. When I first began writing, I decided that if I became (scratch that) when I became a published author, I wanted to do my best to help others. It’s my hope I’m doing that through Story Empire.

I have a fantastic group of authors to work with. They are all supportive and helpful to one another. Even though I haven’t met a single one of them in person, I consider them friends.  And Craig is right, those Sunday evening chats can get quite lively.

But Story Empire wouldn’t exist if not for our readers. You are the ones who keep us going. We love hearing from each of you.

As far as the upcoming tour, I’ll be hosting my fellow SE authors on my my blog.   I plan to promote the three books of my Driscoll Lake Series. There isn’t anything futuristic, no aliens, not even the paranormal. But most often the evil that lurks around us comes in human form.

In my books there is a greedy killer who destroys many lives through one act of violence. You’ll also “meet” an arsonist bent on revenge and a serial killer whose weapon of choice is a knife. Sound evil? Stick around until October and you’ll find out.

Hi everyone, PH here, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming promotion where I’ll be sharing more about The Bow of Hart Saga and the beginning of an upcoming new series.

The Bow of Hart Saga has plenty of scenes and settings where things can get a bit scary so I’ll have some fun playing some of those up. I’ve got several situations that easily lend themselves to the fear factor of the season so it should be interesting.

With the new book series, I have one character who has some trouble with his appearance so that’s a fun way to introduce the book with some costume-like changes for him. I may even have a free prequel book ready by then and it can reveal quite a lot about the series, the world, magic and, of course the character around which everything is centered.

I’m looking forward to hosting the other authors here on Story Empire from my site. We’ll announce more of a blog schedule as time approaches for the big blog tour.

Spooky haunted house at duskMae here, rounding things out at the finish. Not long after I started blogging, I discovered several group blogs. I found it inspiring that like-minded authors banded together to share posts about the industry, including navigating the trials and woes we all face—along with those welcome successes. I wanted to be part of something similar. I even joined a group blog but there was no organization and little interest. I made one post before I realized it wasn’t going to work.

That’s why I love Story Empire. What are the odds of having such a fun, dedicated, determined group come together and stick together? I love these guys and gals! They are all good friends and talented authors. But this blog would fizzle without our wonderful readers, and for that you have our gratitude. We love hearing from you, and hope you enjoy visiting us as much as we enjoy having you visit.

For my part in the Something Wicked  blog tour, I’ll be sharing five different mystery novels, each with a paranormal or otherworldly theme. I’ll also be hosting my Story Empire colleagues on my blog on different dates during our tour week.

We hope you’ll join us. We’re looking forward to a wicked good time!


109 thoughts on “The Future for Story Empire

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  3. Ya’ll scared me with your blog title. I was so afraid you were all deciding to go your separate ways. I am beyond happy to read that your post is about the complete opposite. I “met” you all through a different group, but I followed you here because not only do I love all of your writing styles, but I also love the energy and support that you provide for others. I am looking forward to your October promo blogs. Thanks for providing your readers with great advice and for sharing a common love of writing and reading. 🙂

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  4. I’ve become a huge fan of Story Empire. You all provide such valuable tools to your readers and I have learned so much from your collective experience. This upcoming tour grants me the chance to learn more about your individual talents! Bring on October! I’m excited to see what you each have in store for us.

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  5. All of you joining together sounds like a fun idea. I’m impressed you guys have made Story Empire work as long and as well as it has. Not such an easy feat. Congrats! And good luck with the joint promotions!

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  6. Sounds like October is going to be more fun than ever! I love this idea, and this blog, and all you guys are involved with. I’ll reblog this post later today, after #FirstLineFriday wraps up, and I’ll definitely be following along on your group blog tour! Great idea, and wishing you good luck with ever single stop you make! 🙂

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  7. I absolutely can’t wait for this new tour! I loved the last one. You are such an inspiration both for the quality and the productivity of your work. And the tips and advice you share on SE are always interesting and useful, even if I’m not commenting as much as I used to.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

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