21 thoughts on “How to Track a Scrivener Project with Meta-Data

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  3. I used many of those features all the time. The older version had a project notes option (different than the document notes) which I loved, but now it’s gone. I found a clunky workaround. But other than that, those features are helpful to me. Particularly the status and label.

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  4. Thanks for this informative post on meta-data and Scrivener, PH. I used colour-coded labels recently for outlining a three-novel trilogy I’ve just begun writing. Your post gives me even more scope for using this feature. Thanks for sharing. Reblogged on: https://harmonykent.co.uk/how-to-track-a-scrivener-project-with-meta-data/ … Find another great way of getting the most out of Scrivener for your writing projects over on Story Empire today >>>

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