Book Cover Friday: The Feed

Hello SErs! Harmony here 🙂 Today is book cover Friday, and I thought I’d compare two versions of a cover for the same book, THE FEED, by Nick Clark Windo.

The first is for the hardback edition:








The second is for the paperback edition:







I have the paperback copy of this book. That’s the first cover version I saw, and it convinced me enough to click through and check out the blurb and reviews.

The reason I’ve shown two versions is because I feel torn about which one works best. On the one hand, I love the tagline ‘Never sleep unwatched’ on the 2nd version. I love the deep orange contrasting with the black. On the other, it feels far too busy for me, and it’s all straight down the centre.

The 1st version, however, while at first glance darker and nowhere near as vivid, keeps it simple and is off-centre with a great question around the title, ‘What will you become when THE FEED goes down?’

With the burnt out car at the side of the road, the 2nd cover gives more of a feel of an apocalyptic event of some sort. Whereas the 1st version gives a more rural or remote feel.

On balance, despite hating the ‘soon to be a major TV series’ sticker in the top left, my visual preference goes to the paperback (2nd) version. How about you? Any preferences? And why? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have a great weekend.


Harmony Kent

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27 thoughts on “Book Cover Friday: The Feed

  1. I also prefer the paperback version. I would never pick up the hard cover version. It just looks like bad graphics to me. The paperback has a great contrast between the graphics and the letters, and that grabs my attention.

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  2. The first one feels more like a surreal painting. I like the crispness of the second even with all the information. I think the sunset and couple would draw me in more on the paperback.

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  3. To me, the paperback draws my attention much more than the eBook version. Having the quotes, AND, the notice about a soon to be movie, tells me that many have found this book a good read. Plus I love the warmth of the colors on this cover version.

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  4. I’m partial to warm colors over cool, so I’m drawn to the paperback. I understand the composition concerns you addressed; the off-center hard cover is probably more pleasing to some people. But I have to draw attention to the train tracks (or whatever those lines are; I can’t see the details clearly) in the paperback cover. Because of perspective, they’re practically forming an arrow and pointing to the people, which is a cool effect. Without them, the cover would feel off to me. But with them, it makes all the difference.

    Great share, Harmony.

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