Bonus Friday: Favorite Lines

Hi SE Readers. It’s the last day of May and a fifth Friday. That means it’s time for a group post. Today, we decided to pick a favorite line (or lines) from one of our books.

Joan here.  I decided to go with an excerpt from Unclear Purposes, the third and final book of my Driscoll Lake Series. Which, incidentally released just this week!


You can read more about the book here or click this link to purchase.

book cover for End of Day by Mae Clair shows an abandoned, boarded up old church with gravestones in the background

Mae here, chiming in with my thoughts. When I’m working on book there are always a few lines that stand out in my head after I’ve finished the story.  My selection comes from  End of Day,  my current release and book 2 in my Hode’s Hill Series. Each of the three books in this series contain short flashback sequences written in present tense. Yeah—flashback/present—weird, right? But I loved employing this technique and hope you enjoy the lines I’ve chosen.

Dark cloudy sky with lightning and fiery lightning streaks bleeding through. Text reads: Somewhere far above in a place he cannot touch, fire forks across the sky. Clouds gather--tattered gray vessels speared by pale icicles of light. The sight is dazzling, his fear stifled by awe. There is a strange sense of peace with the fire of heaven singing him to sleep.

You can discover more details about End of Day HERE , or if inclined, purchase through this LINK.

The GateCiao, SEers. Staci here. I’m sharing a new release from one of my pen names, D. L. Cross. It’s called The Gate and is the first of a five-book saga called The Astral Conspiracy Series (part of Sterling and Stone’s Invasion Universe.)

The Gate Teaser
The Gate, like so much of what I write, is a hybrid of genres. It’s sci-fi, to be sure, but there are elements of the suspense and thriller genres, too. This series has a huge, diverse cast, and every one of them harbors secrets. I hope this teaser piqued your interest. If it did, you can find more information here or purchase information here.

Hello SErs! Harmony here 🙂

Kindle Fallout coverMy lines come from my nearly finished work in progress, called Fallout.  The book is post apocalyptic. A crazy, despotic president releases a nano-virus on the population, and it’s every man (or woman) for himself. Then the power play begins. From that, here’s my few lines …

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. FALLOUT is available on pre-order HERE.

By now, most of you know how multi-genre I am. This is a standalone novel, so if you’re interested in checking out my other books, click HERE for my author page, and here’s my BLOG.

Hi gang, Craig this time. I have a lot to pick through, but The Hat is one of my favorites. It’s a paranormal superhero kind of story with a bit of humor. The hat is a being from another dimension who bonds with Lizzie to fight monsters, and play a little music on the side. I got a kick out of this “getting acquainted” section of the book.

If you like a little sass with your monster hunters, this one might be for you. It has great reviews, and Lizzie and the hat will return in a new story soon. I linked the cover shot if you’d like to check reviews or possibly grab your own copy.

Hello everyone, I’ve gone back to my first novel, The Bow of Destiny which is the first book of an epic fantasy series. If you like the genre, this series has some different twists starting from the very beginning. the cover is linked but you can also click here to find the book on Amazon.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re a writer, please share up to four favorite lines from one of your works. It can be something you’ve already published or something from your WIP. We’d love to hear from you.

48 thoughts on “Bonus Friday: Favorite Lines

  1. I love all of these! They are very expressive and visual! Here are a couple of lines from a soon-to-be-released short story:
    Mama dropped onto the mattress and turned her back to me.
    Conversation over, all I could do was get Sara ready for bed. I stared at the dress. It looked out of place draped across the back of a wooden rocking chair with slats missing like old man Turner’s teeth.

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  2. Enjoyed the lines and the awesome memes!
    This is from a WIP, tentatively titled My Girl:
    Her green eyes pulled him into their depths, seeming to make promises he knew, knew, she wouldn’t keep. Damn it, what was it about this woman? Why couldn’t he get her out of his blood?
    “I met your fiancé,” he said, his voice ripe with challenge. The outdoors clung to her skin, sun and flowers combining to intoxicate him more than the whiskey.

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. The hardest part of choosing my lines was finding something that didn’t reveal too much that also was enticing. (My favorite lines didn’t work as a short blurb.) But I think all of you chose wonderful selections from your works.

    And I echo Craig—I’d love to see what our readers choose from their own works.

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  4. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s favorite lines. They’re all excellent, and so are the books. I’ve read them all with the exception of Harmony’s upcoming release which I already have on pre-order. Happy reading and writing, gang. I look forward to seeing some fave lines from the works of our SE followers!

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    • Having just finished a project, I’ve decided to dedicate some time to reading. Finished one book already this week and now I’m currently reading The Gate. Hope to get a third one done before I go back to work this week. I know I won’t keep up that pace but it’s been relaxing to read and not worry about writing and deadlines.

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  5. What a great collection of lines. I’ve read End of Day, The Hat, and Bow of Destiny, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I have Unclear Purposes and The Gate on my ereader waiting for me to get to them, and I can’t wait. Have a great upcoming weekend, everyone 🙂

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