Friday Writing Question: Cast the Movie

Hi, gang. Craig here again, and this Friday assignment is a writing question. It’s kind of an audience participation thing, so I hope we can engage in the comments.

This is a favorite game of authors everywhere. Let’s cast the movie to go along with our novels. I used to get more performers a few years ago. I still get them, but maybe experience has dampened some of this mental activity when I write.

The first time it happened to me, Linda Hunt insisted on taking over the character of Aunt Natalie in Panama. She was the keeper of all the secret agent type weapons, and provided the train the Marshals used once they got to Panama.


I’ll play honestly with one I’ve never given much thought to. The Hat is a being from another dimension. He’s been magically bound to help a specific family for thousands of years. The current member of that family is Lizzie St. Laurent. Together, they form kind of a paranormal superhero/avenger.

To make this into a film, The Hat will have to be one of those CG creations, but will need a voice actor. He’s a wise ass, a bit opinionated, and easily confused. I can only think of one actor to fill the role. He’s made films and series when he was around in Ancient Greece (Hercules/Xena), the Napoleonic era (Jack of All Trades), the old west (Brisco County Jr.), and he’s got lots of experience fighting what are called Deadites (A whole bunch of Evil Dead). To voice The Hat, I choose Bruce Campbell.

Lizzie has some specific needs. Music is a big part of this novel. The Hat plays the upright bass, through Lizzie’s fingers. She sings, which places a specific requirement upon the actor that plays her. She’s also a millennial, and this causes some personality clashes with The Hat. I think someone like Selina Gomez could pull this off.

Now, I want to hear from you. It could be a peripheral character, your main characters, or a supporting character. Leave a line in the comments, and feel free to drop a book link. However, if you drop a book link you have to use those sharing buttons somehow.

Let’s hear it. Cast that movie.

52 thoughts on “Friday Writing Question: Cast the Movie

  1. What fun! I have actually given this a lot of thought as I had (and still have) every intention of writing a screenplay with Luke Stone and Darlina Flowers from “Flowers and Stone.” The actor has to be a musician and a big guy. I have given a good deal of consideration to either Bradley Cooper or Liam Hemsworth.Marcia Cross as Darlina. I posted these choices on Storyrocket (a website designed for agents and movie producers to look for new material). So far, I’ve had no results. Lots of views, but nothing.

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  2. Interesting post. I was once asked who I would cast as my characters in Unseen Motives. To be honest, I’d never given it much thought. But after thinking I would have a younger David James Elliott (from JAG) as the male lead (Matt) and a younger Sela Ward as Stephanie. Of course, the two of them did pair up in CSI New York on a few episodes but that wasn’t the reason for my choice. For Brian, the male lead in Unknown Reasons (who was a part-time musician), I sort of pictured a younger Glen Frey of the Eagles (except my character is much better looking). Michael Weatherly comes to mind when envisioning the male lead of my current novel. The female lead would be Miranda Otto (from Lord of the Rings). I’m not big on TV and go to very few movies, so it’s hard for me to come up with ideas for younger stars in those roles.

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  3. I had such fun doing this, thanks, Craig! I have my new book “Whatever it Takes” coming out in April and have selected Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie (In the Lara Croft days) and Cate Blanchett as my four pivotal characters.
    with George Clooney making a brief special appearance.😊

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  4. For The Hat…Lady Gaga as Lizzie…she is a great musician. Idris Elba as The Hat. For my own books, I’ll have to negotiate with John Howell over Bradley Cooper for Frank Rozzani. I could also go with Michael Weatherly as a second choice. For the part of Jonesy, a younger Matthew McConaughey type would be perfect with John Goodman as Fat Sam.

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  5. I don’t know enough actors to cast my characters. The only one I’ve “seen” an actor as is Enoch in my Fallen Angels series (written as Judith Post). In my mind, I always picture Hugh Jackman. I’m curious who’d play (voice for) your root monsters in Voyage of the Lanternfish:) Tried, but couldn’t get a link to work. Sorry.

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  6. I liked who you picked for The Hat. I was big fan of Brisco County Jr and not happy it went off the air so quickly. I could see Selina as his counter part. In asking me this I realized I know faces but not names of actors now. I will be thinking about this now which is a good first step. Have a productive weekend.

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  7. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:

    Fun little game of casting characters for books from C. S. Boyack on Story Empire. I’ve thought about this one previously but have no satisfying answers to casting. Guess I need to pay more attention to movies I like and think of who I’d pick.

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  8. What fun! Every now and then I would do this with my books, but the only one where I really had some one in mind was for my novel Myth and Magic. I firmly envisioned my lead character Caith Breckbill looking as Jim Cavizel did in the movie Frequency. Even now when I think of Caith I imagine Jim!

    And like, Staci, I can throughly see Bruce Campbell doing the Hat. Have I mentioned that I adore the Hat almost as much as Lisa?

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  9. I never used to cast my stories, but my current employer does, so I’ve been “encouraged” to do it. The series I’m working on now has been cast by me (how I wish it was actually true) and includes Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Sarah Shahi, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ashley Greene, Santiago Cabrera, and many others. Sorry, no link yet. But I’ll start talking about it soon.

    I love Bruce Campbell, and I can definitely see him as the hat. Well, hear him. That’s excellent casting.

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