Friday Writing Question: What is?

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today. It’s time for another writing question.

I love quotes, particularly those that pertain to writing. At times when I need to feel inspired, I’ll look up quotes from well-known authors. Who better to lift your spirits than those who have made this same journey.

But on occasion, I’ll come across a quote that isn’t necessarily inspiring, but intriguing. One that makes me pause and reflect.

Such as this one:

“I hate writing. I love having written.” ~ Dorothy Parker

Writing is a process. We draft, we proofread, we edit, we write some more, we rewrite. We engage in social media, connect with our readers through blog posts and newsletters. With publication comes promotion.

There’s more to writing than writing.

Which brings me to my question. Okay, two questions:

What is your least favorite thing about writing? What is your favorite?

I look forward to your answers.

50 thoughts on “Friday Writing Question: What is?

  1. The answers depend on where I am with writing. Sometimes I like all the aspects of writing, even marketing. At other times, I wish I were at a different point with any given project. Overall, I like everything about writing but I hate shifting gears once I’m in a groove. Also dislike feeling pulled in too many directions when all the extra activities detract from writing. I hate feeling like I’m wasting time on something seems unnecessary. My favorite part of writing is discovering what the book will be and who the characters are.

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  2. Good questions. My least favourite has to be editing. Why can’t I just write perfect at the beginning? It’d stop so much pain later. My favourite thing is when I go back and read something good I’ve written and get a chuckle or a smile or a tear. Then I think, yeah, it’s worth it.

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    • Most everyone has said marketing and editing are their least favorite. You’re right, in a perfect world, we’d write perfectly the first time. And yes, reading those good things we’ve written should bring us joy.

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  3. I hate marketing. Definitely my least favorite.
    I’m not sure I have a favorite. I like completing a really good scene, and I like learning from my research. I also like connecting with my readers.

    I guess there’s more to like than to hate.

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  4. Hands down, my least favorite thing about the entire writing process is editing. It is so much more stimulating when I am in the creative mode and when I’m editing, I long for it. Secondly, as so many mentioned, is marketing. To me it is grueling. Thanks for prompting this discussion, Joan.

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  5. My least favorite is self-promotion and marketing. I think a LOT of writers feel that way.

    My favorite is when I’m getting ready to start a new project and dreaming up bits and pieces like a jigsaw puzzle to make it work! 🙂

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    • I think some of that stems from the fact that a lot of writers are introverted. We’d rather be behind the scenes writing than out in public (whether in person or online) promoting our work. Although connecting with our readers is fun.


  6. Least fave: When I’m writing something that doesn’t work, and I know I’ll have to rewrite it, or, worse yet, I get down on myself for writing drivel.
    Most fave: When I’m editing something I wrote and come across an engaging, tense, wonderful passage.

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  7. Least favorite – marketing and promotion. Most favorite – reading over what I’ve read and marveling that those words came from me. Not because of their quality, but because it’s like I’ve invented another world from my imagination that, at some level, came from my subconscious mind.

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  8. Great questions, Joan!
    1. I hate marketing in any form, lol … it’s just not me.
    2. I love when I come up with a one-liner that makes me pause and think, ‘Wow, did I really just write that?’

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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  9. Least favourite thing: 2nd drafts. Favourite thing: Knocking out 2,000 words and not even realising the time has passed, and then realising what I’ve written doesn’t need a re-write.

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