If a Genie Granted You a Writing Wish…

Happy Friday to all the Story Empire readers. P. H. Solomon with you today with our Friday writing question – without delay, I’ll get straight to it.

If a writing genie suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke and granted you a wish about your books, something to aide you in your writing career, what would be your wish?

For me, one thing I’d wish for is better Kindle Unlimited reporting than Amazon offers. The online retailer gathers copious amounts of information which would certainly assist writers with better approaches to marketing their books given more information. Amazon recently updated their ad system reporting and have a new beta version of their sales reports. I’d like to see the exact numbers of Kindle Unlimited downloads of my books and how many pages are being read per book.

Such information would grant me (should I get my wish) the ability to make better marketing decisions. Also, it might help me understand where my books may have problems and identify them for future books which would provide Amazon with more sales in the future. Likewise, I might be able to smooth a few rough spots and publish a slightly improved edition that might result in more page reads.

Well, I doubt Amazon is listening to me but one can always wish. What would your wish be? Would your wish improve your writing or your marketing?

Thanks for reading today. Please leave your wish in the comments section and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

P. H. Solomon

76 thoughts on “If a Genie Granted You a Writing Wish…

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  2. I’m not sure if it would be the genie you are looking for, but have you head of Machete? If you have a sponsored product ad with Amazon, then you can use Machete. It provides details on how well your ad is doing, specifics like keywords effects on views and clicks, and suggested optimizations. Use this link to find out more. https://machete-app.com/ I’m using it and it has doubled my sales.

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  3. Wait, don’t these things come in threes? I want to make it on my own, (with a little help from my friends) so I won’t wish for instant success. I’d like to work more emotion into my scenes. Speculative fiction seems to have a lot of action, but emotions sell books.

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  4. Good choice. I’m probably too simplistic, but I think I’d just wish for at least 1,000 sales a month. Doesn’t even have to be the same book as long as 1,000 non-free books are bought. The money could then be used for promoting. Honestly, I’ve learned not to trust any genie that doesn’t sound like Robin Williams.

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  5. I wish my writing genie would grant me self-confidence. I’m nearly paralysed with self-doubt right now. Will my book be picked up by a publisher? Should I even try? If I self-publish how do I do it? Should I even bother, who’s going to read it? genie waves wand “you got this bro”…
    Wait, do genies have wands?
    Sigh… I want a genie. Wand or no.

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  6. Great question! A writing genie? That’s such an interesting thought and it provokes me to consider what I would ultimately wish for. I guess if I’m to be totally honest I would wish for that next step of courage it would take to experiment with the writing genres that hold me fascinated. Speculative Fiction has lured me for such a long time now, yet I’ve never been brave enough to make that leap of faith and trust utterly in my own writing instincts. So, yeah. I’d wish for that courage.

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