Friday Book Share: Invasion Series

Ciao, SEers. You got me twice in one week this time. Today, I’ve been tasked with sharing a book that I enjoyed and discussing why. I’m going to do you one better. Actually, I’m going to do you six better. I’m sharing a seven-book series—the Invasion series by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant.

Invasion Series Covers

I don’t typically read a lot of science fiction. I enjoy watching it. In fact, some of my favorite television series and movies are sci fi. But for some reason, I don’t read it often. (Maybe it’s just that my TBR list is so crazy long that I don’t seek out other genres.) In any event, I will be writing for the Invasion expanded universe this year, so I had to read the books to prepare.

I’m so glad I did. In fact, I wish I had read these sooner.

Sometimes, I find that science fiction relies so heavily on the science that the characters and story are lost. That’s not the case here. Platt and Truant created a collection of characters who are eminently relatable and deliciously flawed. The plot is well thought out, both within each title and over the entire series. And the story world is rich and vibrant and full.

If you like science fiction stories, you’ll love this. But honestly, if you like dramatic interpersonal relationships and intense thrillers—science or not—you’ll enjoy this body of work. I know I did. And the best part? The universe is expanding, so you’ll have a lot more titles to choose from over the course of the next two years.

Have you read this series? Heard of it? Are you interested in science fiction? Maybe you aren’t, but now you’re intrigued? Let’s talk about it below.

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30 thoughts on “Friday Book Share: Invasion Series

  1. I love the book covers for this series!

    I read my first sci-fi novel in fourth grade and was immediately hooked. Robert Silverberg’s Planet of Death opened a whole new world for me. I can still see that book cover with its black background and multi-color alien plants. I have a current copy on my Kindle.

    Today, I’m all about character development in my sci-fi, over the hard core science (hough I’m not entirely averse to those types of stories). I also love space operas, and have even written some in my day. 🙂

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  3. I’m more fantasy than sci-fi. I hated maths in school, and sci-fi has a lot of numbers – and engineering, and a lot of computer-geeky stuff. I love computers, but can’t understand a thing about what goes inside them.
    But every story is bigger than its genre tropes. It’s flawed and humane characters, conflict, and one trek of a backstory. Maybe I will give this a chance and add it to my list (yes, I’ve got a list, a long one).
    This was great piece, simple reading also. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed this.

      I wasn’t a fan of math and science in school, either. Yet I took well more than my fair share. (That’s what happens when you go to a technology-forward university, I suppose.) But these stories, as well as most of the sci-fi I enjoy, are very character forward. I also I have an incredibly long TBR list, and it seems to grow exponentially. So, believe me, I understand the demand on your time. But if you do choose to read these, I’d love to hear what you think.


    • I used to love fantasy, but I haven’t read any in quite a while. The same was true of sci-fi until I read these books. But I firmly believe we shouldn’t read something that doesn’t appeal to us. I mean, I’m all about broadening horizons and trying new things, but not if you go into it with negative, preconceived opinions. There’s nothing worse than reading a review on something you poured your heart and soul into and seeing it’s a 1-star because the reader didn’t like the genre.

      Thanks for dropping by, Jan.


    • If a series is good, I love when it’s long. What I hate (and you know the series I mean) is when the author is just adding to a series to make money, phoning in the work and not advancing the plot. Then, I lose interest.

      I like the new avatar pic.

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  4. This series looks fantastic. I’ve just bought book one and look forward to reading it. From the sample I did read, I reckon I’ll soon have all seven books. Thanks for sharing, Staci. Like you and Denise, I usually prefer watching sci-fi for the same reasons.

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  5. I have not heard of this series! Like you I really like watching sci fi over reading it. I found several books I’ve read with too much science and explanation over characters I cared about. But I’ve read some good ones, too. This series sounds like something I’d enjoy. Thanks Staci!

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    • I wasn’t a science or math girl in school. I love the concepts and themes in science, but I have no interest in the execution of it all. This series definitely focuses on the human relationships and not the specifics of interstellar travel. I’ve never read anything quite like it.

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