Wrapping up 2018

Hi, SE Readers. Joan here with the final post of 2018. It’s hard to imagine we’ve reached the end of another year. Gosh, it’s only 366 days until 2020. Almost twenty years have passed since the new millennium began.

Here at Story Empire we’ve reached a few milestones in 2018:

  • Won our first blogging award
  • Had a thirty-four percent increase in the number of subscribers
  • Exceeded the number of visitors and views to our site from the previous year
  • Surpassed 300 posts
  • Initiated group posts where we each contribute our ideas on a single subject

We experimented with a few new things this year. Some worked,  others didn’t, so we made adjustments. Our goal is to provide quality content that will help you in your writing journey.

On behalf of Staci, Mae, Harmony, Craig, and P. H, thank you to all our readers. We look forward to more interaction in 2019.


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