45 thoughts on “Five for Friday – promotion

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  2. I adore Lisa! And, you are right, she is your brand. I’d love to see you expand a little on your muse, Lorelei (hope I spelled that right). I have a vision of her in my head but would like to see what she actually looks like. 🙂 Great post, Craig!


  3. Lisa is definitely recognizable in the independent author world. I think everyone loves her, men and women both, and that’s not always easy to accomplish. It’s great how you use her to help promote your work and the work of other authors. You are your brand, but she is part of it. Awesome post, and great collection of Lisa artwork. I really like the Glamour magazine cover.

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  4. I almost did a spit-take when you said, “You know who you are.” You always make me laugh, Craig.

    I ADORE Lisa art and think it’s a great use of her likeness to market all of your work. The whiteboards are exceptionally clever. She looks amazing in all the graphics, but I’m especially drawn to the gold dress glamour shot, the milk dress, baseball, and the archaeologist. And when I shared this post, I used the angel and devil graphic. That one’s awesome.

    Nicely done.

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  5. Great post, Craig. Lisa is a great vehicle to promote your books and those of others as kind of a virtual assistant. She is also a good role model that shows girls like my daughter that you can be attractive and smart. The thing I like about your use of her character is that, although she makes an appearance in some of your works, you don’t feature her in all of your work which gives you the freedom to write your truly unique stories.

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  6. I love Lisa, she’s so spunky and irreverent. And her interviews are fantastic. Really enjoyed hearing the background to Lisa and your marketing gestalt, Craig. I am one of those authors who has zero marketing know-how, so this was extremely helpful, thank you.

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  7. Great graphics, Craig. My favourite has to be the ‘spilt milk’ dress one, lol. You’re spot on: every author is the brand, not just one of their books. Best of luck with everything. 🙂

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