Friday Book Share: Mythago Wood

Hello to all the Story Empire readers. Sorry I’m late today, but it’s been a hectic week. It’s my turn with the Friday Book Share post so let’s jump straight into the book I’ve chosen this time around.

Today, I’ve chosen a fantasy that’s a bit older – Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock – which I enjoyed back in the 90’s and several times since.

The book is set around Ryhope Wood, a primeval forest in Britain. The sons of an eccentric man inherit his mysterious quest to discover the secrets of the wood and find an engrossing world of the past which intrudes into their present.

Mythago Wood is highly imaginative, vivid and enthralling. I can remember reading it the first time and the tale haunted my thinking for weeks with it’s ancient themes of myths past.

Unfortunately, I never read the rest of the books in the series, but I turned my daughter on to the first book. She found the rest and read them. I need to catch up with her, but I look forward to it.

It’s also unfortunate for us that author, Robert Holdstock, passed away some years ago. His writing was captivating and a pleasure to read. Take a look at this book if you are a fantasy fan and haven’t read Holdstock previously, you will be pleased and surprised by the book.

P.H. Solomon

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