Five For Friday: Hilarious book dedications

Hello SErs! Harmony here. Happy Friday! To round off our week here on Story Empire, I thought I’d finish on a happy note. Have you ever read a book dedication along the lines of ‘To Emma’ and wondered ‘who the hell is Emma?’ … It’s a bit boring, right? How about giving the general reader a little more? … ‘To Emma, my wife, who wouldn’t let me stop writing’. Much better! In writing this post, I’ve learned something, and my future dedications will be a bit different than thus far, lols 🙂

This post was born because, being a random kind of a gal (at times), I found something totally random on the web for you: Five Funny book dedications (in no particular order) …

Taken from An Introduction to Algebraic Topology By Joseph Rotman:

Taken from No Way Back By Matthew Klein:

Taken from This Boy’s Life By Tobias Wolff:

Taken from Otherland: City of Golden Shadow Book 1 by Tad William

Taken from Hounded By Kevin Hearne:

This last one is my favourite! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Five for Friday. Have a great weekend!

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Five For Friday: Hilarious Book Dedications

Harmony Kent

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