Friday Cover Share: Devour by Kurt Anderson

Happy Friday, SEers! Mae here today with a Friday book cover share. I can’t wait to see what you think of this one!

In the northern hemisphere, it’s the height of the summer season. That means tourists at coastal towns and beaches filled with families and couples on vacation. I still remember what a great thrill it was watching Jaws back in ’75 and how it forever changed what I feel when I step into the ocean (which admittedly, isn’t too frequent these days unless it’s someplace tropical). My husband and I still watch Jaws every summer, but if you think Peter Benchley’s novel is the one I’m going to trot out—uh, no.

I first saw the cover for Devour on my Twitter feed, where it screamed for me to take a closer look. Monster, boat—yeah! If we’re looking solely at covers, this one is hard to beat. Anyone who is a fan of monster fiction (raising hand) would find it hard to pass  over.

book cover for Devour by Kurt Anderson shows monster shark behind a cruise boat

What do you think? Scary? Creepy? Creature-feature fantastic? Does it do the job and set the tone?

Yes, I bought the book. Isn’t that what a good cover should entice a reader to do? Even if this isn’t your preferred genre, do you think the cover works? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. Ready, set, go!

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20 thoughts on “Friday Cover Share: Devour by Kurt Anderson

  1. Hi Mae,
    I agree that this cover sells the book no matter how good the book is written. I can see why it grabbed your attention. Now the question, have you read it yet and if so was it as good as the cover? You make a great point on book covers making or breaking our writing. Thanks.

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    • Actually, I have read it. I think I gave it a 4 star review. It’s a pretty decent story just not what I expected. Did it live up to the cover? In my opinion, no, but again, I expected something a different from the book based on the cover and the blurb.

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      • Are you saying that even when the book cover grabbed attention, it failed because it didn’t reveal the genre? What I’ve learned that a successful cover needs to do both. I ask these questions because I’m still concerned over my latest book cover and title. I only sold two books for the month of July.

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  2. I used to love the ocean. As I got older and realized what all’s in there, I liked it less and less. I can’t even watch commercials for THE MEG without cringing. The cover you chose definitely compels a cringe. Or twenty. Great selection.

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    • I still love the ocean, but I’m getting too old to be tossed around. I’ll get in the water in tropical locations where the surf isn’t bad and you. can usually see the bottom. I don’t mind not being able to see bottom on the east coast but the undertow and surf are usually to rough for me these days.

      What’s going on with THE MEG? Is it going to be a movie? A series? I read the book years ago and loved it!


    • I think it does an excellent job for the genre, too. The moment I saw it, I was hooked. The book doesn’t quite live up to the cover (at least for me it didn’t), but it was still a good read, just not what I was expecting. And I think everyone must have read Jaws back in the day, LOL!

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    • I think I gave the book four stars. It was good, but I wanted more monster and more cruise terror, LOL. If you end up checking it out, I’d be curious about your take on it, Harmony.


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