April Friday Book Share

Hello SErs! Harmony here. Happy Friday! Yay, the end of the week is nigh … even if today is FRIDAY THE 13TH! 🙂

Our second Friday of each month is dedicated to a book one of us shares with a bit of reasoning behind the choice. This is a subjective process but one which we all look forward to posting because we get to share what we like in books while readers get to learn (hopefully) about an author/book they may not have read previously. You can find the last Friday Book Share HERE.

This week, I’ve chosen THE RAILWAY MAN by Eric Lomax. I’ve used a paperback cover from Goodreads, which matches the one on my bookshelves, because I don’t like the newest version that they’ve produced since the book became a major film. For my tastes, the new cover is too garish and busy and detracts from the whole raison d’être of the story. This original version, with the barbed wire and the train says a lot more about what lies at the heart of it.

Why did I choose this particular book?

It’s one I’ve read quite a few times over the years. When you begin reading, you think it’s going to go one way, but then it goes in a different direction altogether.

This is a book about suffering. About torture. About going along with the herd.

It is also about forgiveness.

What’s more, the remarkable man who eventually penned this wonderful true-life story discovered for himself that forgiveness isn’t so much about helping the perpetrator, but more so the victim him or herself.

When I read this for the first time, it had a huge impact on me personally. It has become one of those books that changes the course of a life for the good. Not only that, but it is immensely engaging.

Even though this is a true story, it reads as easily as a fictional book and will hold your attention. Back in October of 2013, I gave it five stars and said of it–somewhat inadequately–‘All about one man’s journey from pain and hate into forgiveness. His spirit shines through this book. A thought-provoking read.’

What books have most inspired you in your life?

Harmony Kent

19 thoughts on “April Friday Book Share

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  2. This book sounds amazing, Harmomy. I normally have a hard time reading anything like this, but after checking it out on Amazon, the power of forgiveness is the pay-off for me. I’ve added it to my reading list. Thanks for the introduction. Had it not been for your book share, I would have been unaware of The Railway Man.

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