February Friday Book Share

Hi to all the Story Empire readers! Our second Friday of each month is dedicated to a book one of use shares with a bit of reasoning behind the choice. This is a very subjective process but one which we all look forward to posting because we get to share what we like in books and readers get to learn (hopefully) about an author/book they may not have previously read.

This week, I’ve chosen Idyll by James Derry, which is the first book of his science fiction series, The Idyll Trilogy. James combines quite a lot of elements into this series beginning with this book. I’ve included it today because it is very original in presentation of some highly intriguing science fiction while reading like a western.

Idyll is a throwback to some earlier decades of science fiction while including ideas for new technology including terra-forming technology with bio-science which is one element developed throughout the series. Since the technology is alive there are quite a few interesting developments to the story.

Additionally, Idyll introduces a distinctive take on dystopian themes which when mixed with science fiction, western and the myriad technology leaves one with a heady mix. Written with a style similar to a Louis L’Amour novel, James Derry has quite an interesting book. Here’s my review on Amazon. For those speculative fiction readers, I hope you’ll give the book a chance – I was quite surprised by it and enjoyed the other two books as well.

P.H. Solomon

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