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Hello SErs! Happy Friday!

Today on Story Empire it’s time for another fun Friday Fiction Prompt. As you know, on the first Friday of every month, we will be posting a Prompt. This can be a video, picture, word, phrase or anything else we want to use. Anyone can take part or not (including us). When you have your fiction posted, simply comment on this post with your link and the title so other people can pay you a visit and read what you wrote. On the last Fiction Prompt, Joan Hall gave us an awesome picture of a woman on train tracks. Check it out HERE. This time, I’ve found a video to share with you.

Here it is …

Take a close look … how much can you see? What feelings does this evoke? What mood does it bring?

[Although this video originated on Pixabay, I ended up having to do a whole workaround to get it to embed. For the ins and outs of that and the learning curve, see my post from Wednesday (31st Jan) on Embedding, if you haven’t seen it already.]

I’d love to see what you all come up with from this video. If you do write anything, bear in mind it can be a short poem or two-line story or any length you want! Big or small, we love them all!

For my offering, check out my blog post: HERE.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Harmony Kent

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30 thoughts on “Friday Fiction Prompt

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    • Billy Ray Chitwood shared a link.
      Feb 02, 2018 12:12pm

      Friday Fiction Prompt

      ‘The Rain Prompt’

      Too much rain
      Can cause pain,
      A summer rain
      Can bring gain,
      My ode to rain
      Is much too plain,
      I pee pee in the rain
      No one sees my gain,
      A tiny minnow in the rain
      Might surely complain,
      The rain in Spain
      Falls mainly in the Plain!
      It is in my brain
      To find a new terrain!
      I take Sunshine over Rain
      And choo-choos of a train!
      The video prompt is rain
      And I’m left with a silly feign!
      Oh, please, please, rain,
      Go away and shut-up this vil-lain!!!

      (Billy ‘Boy’ Ray-2/2/18)

      Harmony, I wish you to know my atavistic/generational goo all began many centuries ago (tenth century) in Chetwode, a hamlet north of London in Buckinghamshire. I proudly wear that, and hope that information will endear me to you!!! Have a ‘jolly good’ day, dear lady of the rain genre! And, I also wish you to know there is no truth to the rumor my ‘line’ runs through ‘Jack, the Ripper’! ♥♥♥

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      • Billy, this is fantastic! I especially love that last line with the clever play on ‘vil-lain’! Thank you for sharing this 😊


  2. How about… The white light gave way to the rain, and the sensation of wetness as I crawled to my hands and knees. The silhouette of my attacker came into view in the puddle below me. Blood dripped from my face and added a new element to the abstract image in the puddle. My hand wrapped around the nearest rock and my resolve grew as hard as it. I stood back up, rock in hand.

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