Friday Book Share: Sue Coletta’s Blessed Mayhem

Ciao, SEers. I have the privilege of being the first of us to write a Friday Book Share post. When we talked about revamping our Friday content, I was concerned about this particular topic, because I read so many books that really appeal to me for any number of reasons—I knew it would be hard for me to choose which book to discuss today. (And I have a feeling I’m always going to struggle with choosing a title.) But I bit the bullet and picked one.

Without further ado, here’s my selection for today’s discussion.

Sue Coletta's Blessed MayhemSue Coletta’s Blessed Mayhem. (If you’re interested in my review, you can find it and the official description here.)

Sue is an author with a fascinating process. She doesn’t just conduct online research; she conducts real-life experiments to make certain her novel is accurate and authentic. (Ask her to tell you the story of the oil drum; maybe she’ll tell you the tale.)

This is the second book in her Mayhem series. In general, I recommend reading the series in order, but the novel can stand on its own merit if read before the first book.

I chose this story because Sue created a deliciously twisted villain. This person’s motivations and actions are so compelling, so riveting… I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Add to that a nod to “Edgar Allen Poe” (the quotes will make more sense once you read the book) as well as an engaging lesson about crows, and you have all the makings of a gripping tale.

But Sue wasn’t done.

Her heroine is a quirky, sassy computer expert who works in law enforcement and dates a detective, yet she can’t beat a compulsion to break the law—she’s a cat burglar. Meanwhile, her best friend is as innocent as they come. These characters aren’t trite and stereotypical. They’re well-rounded, well-developed individuals who enrich an already captivating story world.

If you like the thriller/horror genre, you can’t go wrong with this story. I was hooked from page one.

I’d love to know what you think. Does this sound like a story you’d read? Have you already read it? Sound off below.

46 thoughts on “Friday Book Share: Sue Coletta’s Blessed Mayhem

  1. I read Sue’s post about the oil drum–talk about getting into research! I’ve read Sue’s Marred, and can’t wait to read Cleaved. I haven’t read any of the Mayhem series yet, but you are right, Sue has a wonderful way of creating interesting characters. Great book share, Staci!

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  2. A great choice to kick off the book share segment on SE, Staci. I love Sue’s Mayhem books but this one is my favorite. Like you, I was riveted by the villain. Deliciously twisted is a great way to describe him!

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