Friday Fiction Prompt

Happy Friday, SE Readers. Today we begin a new feature on Story Empire, our Friday Fiction prompt. If you read P. H.’s post earlier this week, you already know we are trying something new this year.

The first Friday of every month we’ll have either a photo or a word prompt. Readers are invited to create their own flash fiction stories based on the prompt, post on your own blog, and then leave a comment here with your link. Or, you can create a pingback, linking to this post. (For information on creating pingbacks, click here.)

So, without further ado, here is this month’s photo prompt:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Your story doesn’t have to be that long, but I do hope you’ll choose to particpate.

41 thoughts on “Friday Fiction Prompt

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  2. Hello Joan. A web friend suggested I follow your account. I’m a writer and enjoy sharing stories on my blog. I look forward to reading the stories and sharing my own. Writing prompts are fun.

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  4. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:

    Join the fun our new Friday features on Story Empire starting with this week’s Fiction Friday prompt, posted by Joan Hall. There are already several links posted in the comments section. Have fun reading those and share some flash fiction based on this idea.

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    • Fabulous take on the photo, Rebecca. I left you a more detailed comment on your blog.So happy you chose to play along.

      I wanted to leave a comment on your “About” page too, but didn’t see an option.Just had to say I love thrillers (write them too) and I have OCD–obsessive cat disorder. Roman is a cutie 😉

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      • Thanks, i just read 🙂 I always read my comments in the wrong order lol! I feel happy to of found a cosy space on WordPress like this, i’ve been trying to push myself with my writing and it’s hard when you can’t find the right community.

        Will sort out the comment thing, forever playing with settings 😀 😀 OOO i did notice you write thrillers, i had a quick browse last night. I am really curious to read some of your books once I’ve read my current one 😀 I knew they would right up my alley. Cats are the best though, they have so many little stories to tell 😛

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    • I love trains and railroad tracks. And you’d think since I had this month’s prompt, I would have written my own story. But like you, I’m behind on word count. So little time, so much to do.

      Hope our readers will take part.

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      • I love trains and railroad tracks too.I’m especially enamored of the folklore and history of the Wreck of the Old ’97. I was hoping to write a few paragraphs using this prompt and that history/legend, but time eluded me. I still might play later this week. Love seeing all the comments here!

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