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Spell BookCiao, SEers. What do you think about this graphic? Perfect for the season, but probably not advice I’d ever read. (I’d never get past the webbing.)

Love it or loathe it, we’ve assembled a list of web-free writing links for you. Well, spider-web-free. All the links are actually on the world wide web, but I promise none are sticky or come with scary arachnids.

Before you look at our curated content, don’t forget to check out the Story Empire posts of the week. On Monday, I wrote about the do’s and don’ts of horror writing and on Wednesday, Mae discussed giveaways. After you’ve given those a look, maybe some of the links below will grab your attention.

22 thoughts on “Curated Writing Content

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  2. Great list. Explored all the links. Bookmarked a few sites. Got a ton of great information. I especially liked the discussion on Prologues. Thoughtful and engaging. Thanks for the post. 🙂

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    • I feel like we could talk about prologues for weeks. It’s an interesting topic.

      I’ve never published a novel with a prologue, but I do love a challenge. (That’s why I wrote a story in second person. I was told it couldn’t be done, or done well, anyway.) I may try to write a prologue with a novel (in the future; I’m not changing my WIP now) and see if I can pull it off.

      I do think calling it a prologue is a bad idea, though, just because some readers won’t read it just based on its name. Which is a shame, because if they’re done correctly, that’s information the reader shouldn’t skip.

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