Curated Content ~ October 13

Hey, SE Readers. It’s Friday!!! Friday the 13th.  Sorry if you’re superstitious (I’m not) because Fridays are a good thing.

Not only are they the end of the work week for most people, it’s the day all six SE authors come together to bring you the latest and greatest info we’ve found around the web.

In case you missed it, P. H. wrote about How to Improve & Assess You Site Traffic on Monday. And don’t forget to check out Craig’s post, Opening in Media Res.

And now it’s time to put aside black cats, broken mirrors, and walking under ladders  and catch up on this weeks links.

Why eBook Promotions are Indie Author Gold

Four Reasons to Visit Your Novel’s Location

Fine-Tune Your Storytelling (Improve your author voice)

Writing About Location (Do You Have To Go There?)

How to Write Dialogue (In The Past and Present)

Are you a Research or Storyteller (Finding the Balance in Historical Fiction)







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