Curated Content for Writers ~ May 12

Pencil with sharpener, pencil shavings and blank notebookHappy Friday SEers! It’s the beautiful month of May, a great time to start a new writing project or dive into an existing one.  To sharpen up the tools you employ with your author platform, be sure to check out this week’s posts:

Author Media Kit, Part 3—One Sheet and Biography by Staci Troilo and my post on Personality Types and Writers. As usual, the entire SE gang has been scoping out material on the web to bring you the brightest gems of the week. Take a look at what we’ve gathered:


Craig here. I’m known for trying new things, and I found a cool site to check out. It’s called Literature Map. It makes a cloud of similar authors when you search one of your favorites. Those of us at Story Empire are experimenting with it. The goal isn’t so much to be searchable as to be in the cloud when someone searches for, say Michael Crichton. Here is what Crichton’s cloud looks like:

It appears like you have to get enough supporters before it starts finding you. I’d appreciate anyone adding the Story Empire authors to the search engine. All you have to do is search for us and add us if we aren’t found.

If you leave us a comment, and your exact author name, I’ll add you too. Only fair, right? Here are the Story Empire authors, and mind the punctuation:

  • C. S. Boyack
  • P. H. Solomon
  • Joan Hall
  • Mae Clair
  • Harmony Kent
  • Staci Troilo

Here is the link to Literature Map. Have fun.

58 thoughts on “Curated Content for Writers ~ May 12

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  2. I had never heard of this before, but It’s very easy to add an author to the Literature Map. You just type the name, then confirm it. Then you tick the box to confirm they are an author. Everyone from Story Empire comes up in the list together once you type in the first couple of names, so it only takes seconds. I will happily return the favour for anyone that adds me too.

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